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I first became acquainted with Jill when I decided to try a Zumba class at my gym. After one class I was addicted! Jill's enthusiasm and fun teaching style immediately had me hooked. Shortly after starting the class Jill became my personal trainer. I was looking to build some muscle and tone my body, but first I had to overcome my fear of the free weights and insecurities with the gym in general. Jill has been a truly motivational force from the very beginning. She encouraged me and helped me overcome my fears, working at my pace while also challenging me to take risks and lift weights I never thought I could. Her training style is optimistic and reassuring; she never bullies. I found that I was challenging myself to set fitness goals and go beyond each prior workout session. One thing I particularly like about Jill is that she is so knowledgeable about nutrition and holistic medicine. I am always picking her brain about something and she happily shares her knowledge. It is obvious to me that she loves teaching and helping people achieve their fitness goals. I wholeheartedly recommend Jill as a trainer.
- Diana

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Following is a sample survey from one of Jill's client, Christy, showing personal results achieved with Jill's help.

1) Why did you choose Jill as your trainer?
I chose Jill because she's such a good role model, approachable, professional, and obviously knowledgeable and experienced. She is a colleague I respect and admire. She really walks the walk!

2) What is it you like about Jill, as a person?
Jill is so positive all the time, always smiling and encouraging. She's very warm & caring & fun to be around.

3) What you liked about your training program?
I liked that it was very specific for my body and my goals. It was challenging for me, but I knew that I would get results.

4) How has training helped you, physically?
I lost 10% body fat in just 5 weeks - I never thought that was possible! I feel so much stronger, leaner, and cleaner. I love seeing my muscles pop. I thought I might feel more tired, but overall, my energy has been great. I've also noticed my skin looks better and my hair is growing faster!

5) Has training helped you in other areas of your life, as well? If so, how?
It has given me the willpower to be more self-disciplined in mutliple areas of my life. I feel like I'm accomplishing more in my day because I'm not always hanging out in my pantry!

6) Would you refer others to Jill for training? If yes, why?
Yes, I already have! Jill has a great understanding of the human body and a lot of experience in health and wellness, as well as figure and body building. She can address all aspects of training.

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I chose Jill as my trainer because I felt she could help me reach my goals. I like that she cares a lot about her clients and pushes them to reach their potential. She kicked my ass! My training has helped me to do more physically then I have ever been able to do previously, with more energy and endurance. With the training I received with Jill, I feel more confident in myself - before, I was unsure and shy. Now I am confident in my own skin. I would refer others to Jill, 100%. She doesn't care about the money, she cares about making you the best you can be.
- Jason

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Below are some pictures of Jill in action, and some of the results she has helped achieve.

Jill in action with Diana

Working with another satisfied client

Christy - After

Jason - After

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