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                                                  TIGHT has everything you need to come in your personal best


We offer a 12 week package that includes:

  • Online weight training

  • Online cardiovascular programing

  • Meal Plans

  • Supplementation suggestions

  • Weekly physique assessment (Photos, STATS, feedback)

  • Support by e-mail


Competitors weight, cardiovascular, and meal plans change roughly every four weeks.


Adjustments to plans, and training are made along the way, if necessary. These adjustments are based on both your e-mail feedback, photos, and physique assessments.


Upon confirmation of your payment, you will receive a questionnaire that's required to fill out, and send back to me.


Present your best self on stage, with CONFIDENCE and SHINE!











Learn how to accentuate your poses by bringing out your strong points. Posing is both an illusion, and an art. Master this, and stage presence, and you're 50% there.


              Male and female competitors - All classes are welcome!


A competitor can have an amazing physique. Learning how to walk comfortably, pose comfortably, and be at peace while you are on stage, will take that amazing physique to a whole new level!

TIGHT will train you to hold your poses, in a most shapely manner, with the least amount of fatigue. You can be in a comparison round for quite some time.


TIGHT will help you find poses that show your strengths. You want

to keep your physique looking strong, poised, shapely, and transition

from pose to pose naturally. This is an art. The illusion lies in the

dynamics of your poses.


TIGHT can help you with both hair and make-up the day of your

show, if you are local. Please, e-mail Jill asap, with your show date,

pricing varies, so cost will be determined within 72 hours of your



TIGHT can also assist you in finding a color for your suit that compliments you,
your skin, your hair, and your personality. We can help you with your shoes,
and jewelry, too.


TIGHT can help you backstage with your suit, and getting you set for stage, if you are local.


TIGHT will be happy to help you with your tanning, as well. There are several choices, so pricing varies. We can determine the best color for you, as well as, all the in's and outs of prepping for your color, and caring for your color, so you come out a champ! Please, let us know asap if you woud like color so we can get you on the books.


TIGHT will teach the many ways of walking to you, to get you noticed on stage. We will teach you how to remain poised at all times (even if you make a boo boo), and come out magnificient!


The sooner you sign up and get started on your posing, the better

you will appear on stage, so make your appointment today!











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