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This is a great class for all fitness levels. You don't have to be a gifted dancer to enjoy busting some moves, letting loose, and shaking off calories. This class is FUN! 


This non-contact, high intensity kickbox class is great for athletes who are looking to improve mind/muscle connection, coordination, speed, agility, balance and endurance.  It's a total body workout from warm-up to cool-down, so you burn a LOT of calories! 


This class is all out nuts! Total body, for all fitness levels. The only thing you'll be thinking about is your next rep, and your next breathe. Burn a ton of calories, and have a great time doing it! Fitness doesn't have to be a chore, it can be a blast!


This is a great class for all levels. Yoga is a great restorative class. It's relaxing, yet challenging, calming yet invigorating. Find some quiet time and bring your friends. 


Pilates is a great core workout. It also challenges the limbs, breathe control, muscle control, and strengthens the mind/muscle connection. Looking to strengthen the core without doing any sit-ups? This class is for you!


This class is suitable, and can be modified for all levels, however, it is also extremely challenging, and sure to leave you tender for a few days afterward. Some athletes tell me they're sore up until the day before the next class, and that's one week apart! You will strengthen your core, for sure. Get your friends together and have a TIGHT experience! 

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