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Jill Nix -


Jill Nix has been teaching and training athletes in the health and fitness industry since 1981. Poor health, weight gain, and disappointment, led her into a field that would forever change her life, and those of whom surrounded her. Health and fitness are her passion. Jill’s certified with AFAA as both Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, she is also a CrossFit Level I Trainer, Level 2 Trainer, and a CrossFit Kids Trainer. Jill's certified in Turbo Kick, Zumba, Group Barbell, Sports Nutrition, Bootcamp, Cycling, Pilates, Yoga, and Youth Fitness.


Jill's a Lifestyle Fitness Coach and Nutrition Advisor.


Her top three passions and extensive field of study are:

     1. Natural Health

     2. Weight and Cardiovascular Training

     3. Nutrition

Jill has studied and completed coursework in relation to eating disorders and mind/body healing, and has helped over a thousand people achieve their health and fitness goals. As she always says, "There isn't anything that can't be done one minute at a time, one rep at a time, one meal at a time, one decision at a time." And so it is!


Jill's had the privilege of working with, being mentored by, and coached by the best of the best, from both a military perspective and civilian, she continues under their tutorage to this day.


Jill's a former successful Pro NGA Figure Competitor, she retired in 2016 to focus on sharing her knowledge and wisdom with those interested in pushing the envelope, upping their game, enhancing their life, and 'coming out of the box'. She has also been a successful NGA/NPC Bodybuilder.

Jill graduated with High Honors and her Doctorate in Natural Health (2004), and is a Master Herbalist, she’s also certified technician of MSA Testing, and has been consulting and helping others restore their health since 1997. Jill continues to stay on top of her education, sharing what she learns with her students.

Jill is the proud mother of six children, and resides in Utah. She enjoys spending time in the mountains with her family, hiking, canoeing, fishing, horseback riding, photography, scrap booking, spending time with her kids, researching, and helping others to see and reach their full potential.

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