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As many of you may remember, TIGHT had a shoot a little while ago. Since, I went on my Quest for five weeks, it has taken me awhile to get settled again, athletes caught up with their needs, and working through my stack of mail, e-mails, and so forth. I was hoping to find TIGHT photos in my stack, but they were not there.

Then, it happened… the squeaky mail truck pulled up to the house! I was more than happy when the photos from our TIGHT shoot arrived in Monday’s mail! I’m sure the mailman giggled as I skipped, hopped, jumped for joy and shouted my happiness!

With that, I’d like to share a few shots from the shoot. TIGHT’s TEAM pulled through like real champs, because they are real Champs! They had been asked to participate months in advance, with the requirement that once they made the commitment, there was no turning back. I was counting on each one of them do their part, and stay with it 100%.

One gal made the commitment with great hesitancy she would not be able to actually follow the meal plans, and the training 100%. She didn’t know if she really had it in her, but I knew she did, and encouraged her to “Just Do It!”. She’s married, raising two children, never followed a meal plan in her life, nor a training program, for that matter. Did she have doubts and fears? Yes, but she was willing to leave her comfort zone, face her fears, trust in the plans, and her ability to do what needed to be done daily, and mark off each day as successful, day by day. I’m very proud of her. She came through, like all the others… 100%!

Although, when looking at these picture’s, one could easily draw the conclusion that each of these athlete’s were born with ‘good genes’, a ‘fast metabolism’, ‘is naturally lean’, ‘doesn’t have cravings’, ‘must be single’, ‘certainly doesn’t have kids’, and other such things (non-sense).

I am here to tell you, each of these athlete’s have their struggles just as you and I do. All are raising anywhere from one to five children. Many work outside the home, and just as many from their home. Each one of them faced circumstances and situations unique to them, AND THEY STILL MANAGED TO DEAL WITH LIFE AND STAY COMMITTED.

Was it easy? What do you think? Who do you think shopped for their groceries? Prepped their meals? Did the work in the gym? On the track? In the pool? On the roads? In their homes? Yes, each one of them had to make do for themselves, and all the while life was happening; laundry, kids, bills, and so on.

Why do I mention this? Because it isn’t easy folks. What you see are the hard earned efforts of many individuals who were willing to make a go of it, they believed in themselves (despite the occasional doubt), enough to keep plugging along, day by day.

Were they perfect in their efforts? Some, I can honestly say YES! Others, I can honestly say, no, BUT…… just like the athlete who trips on the track and falls, they got right back up, dusted themselves off, got back on the track, ran like hell, and never looked back! They came out the Champ!

This applies to everyone reading this. These athletes all started out at different places in life when they began their fitness journey. One in particular has triumphed over so many obstacles it would make you dizzy. Another was going through life changing events that others would readily use as an excuse for not exercising, eating right, or taking on such a commitment. These athletes have Warrior spirit.

Each day we have choices to make. One can either make excuses, rationalize, blame, explain, and so forth, or one can just as easily frame what they are deciding on, in such a way as to put them on a track to positive results.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Goethe

I can testify to you, that each of these athlete’s certainly became someone ‘new’, during and throughout the process. I could witness the growth in character and spirit, week by week. I saw firsthand and witnessed the struggles, they were very real, but each endured.

What about you? What’s your current struggle? You know, the one that perhaps you’ve been thinking about overcoming for a decade or two? It’s real, isn’t it?

Now, you also know, that as real as all of our struggles are, we are each endowed with the gift of mind. I suggest we simply take possession of it, turn it in favor of our goals and dreams, and make them a reality. Perhaps, it is time you traverse through the trenches, and find out who you really are, what you are made of, and I believe you will each discover something very pleasant amongst the discomfort of leaving your self-perceived comfort zone.

Start today. Go to or e-mail, text, or call me to find a plan that works for you. Which plan will work for you? The one your willing to work for.

PS: Special thanks to TIGHT athletes. If any of you locals see them at your gym, please, be sure to stop and say ‘Hi’, and give them a HIGH 5!

Have a wonderful week!

Be strong. Think strong. Stay strong.


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