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We are all a part of a unique, diverse, whole. For every cause there is an equal, and opposite, effect. However, what few understand is that these CAUSES take place in the unseen world, and it is the EFFECT that one experiences though their senses, in the ‘visible’ world.

Jill Nix - NHD., MH., TBM.

I find myself having the same conversation with athlete’s over, and over, and over again. The Elite Performance athletes have learned to respect this topic. The Warrior abides by it daily, and fashions all aspects of life around it. The Heads of many Native Tribes have long known the wisdom their ancestors have passed down through ‘Oral Traditions’. Today, I desire to impart the beginning of this miracle called ‘transmutation’, ‘synergism’, and ‘nature’s alchemy’, with you.

Case Scenario #1:

Athlete: I’m hungry and cold when I ‘cut’. I’m tired, exhausted, and don’t sleep well. I’m crabby, irritable, and moody. I’m ______________, ______________, and so forth.

Trainer: You are ‘cutting’, hence, we call it ‘cutting’ for a reason. You are cutting calories, specifically: Carb’s, protein, and fats. You are cutting these items because you are desiring to achieve a ‘cut’ look. Perhaps, you are going to compete, do a photo shoot, want to look good naked on your anniversary cruise, rock that bikini, pair of board shorts while surfing, you name it, I’ve heard a lot of them!!!!

Case Scenario #2:

Athlete: Coach, my muscles are still aching from last week’s TIGHT WOD (no pun intended). Should I still do today’s challenge or sit it out? My muscles are tight all the time. I feel so stiff. Should I be eating more? Supplementing differently? Do I need to take a few days off?

Coach: Did you ever get the blood work done I requested three months ago? Have we gone over them together? Are you following your meal plans? As outlined? Supplementation? Training as done the day I trained with you for 3 hours, and you took notes? Oh…. you never trained with me to understand TIGHTS methodology? Are you keeping your weekly STATS appointments? Keeping me in the loop at STATS as to the basics? (Those who know/listen/do this tell me at least 7-10 specific things about them self at each weekly STATS…. without me asking.) Are you keeping me informed during the week if something odd pops up, you get injured, ill, or are otherwise out of sorts?

Case Scenario #3:

Athlete: I just don’t seem to be losing weight (body fat). I’m so discouraged. I thought I would have lost more by now. I follow the meal plan. Have you been following the plan, as outlined? I just swapped a protein bar for my shake yesterday. Anything else I should know? It was my birthday this week, I had a small piece of cake and some ice cream. No big deal. Friday I felt like eating a piece of bread, I figured my body probably needed it. How’s your cardio been this week? Oh, I haven't been able to do cardio in two weeks.

Trainer: I understand. Your blood work came back fine. You want to know why you’re not losing weight? You want to know when you will start seeing and feeling a difference? You’re wondering “What’s wrong with my body?” As politely as possible, I’m asking you to look in the mirror and ask yourself these same questions. You see, YOU are the master of this situation. YOU call the shots. YOU decide whether you will adhere to plans that lead to your success, or do your own thing.

Now, let’ work through these cases:


Athlete: My body does this, that and the other thing. I’m hungry and cold when I ‘cut’. I’m tired, exhausted, and don’t sleep well. I’m crabby, irritable, and moody. I’m ______________, ______________, and so forth.

The athlete is ‘cutting’. Many of these ‘symptoms’ are considered to be expected when an athlete is cutting down. It’s always wise to know what to expect when cutting, however, each time an athlete ‘cuts’, there will be similarities, yet, it is sure to be a different experience each and every time. Employment may have changed, work hours, a baby born, a move, divorce, marriage, etc. Life happens and our body responds according to our feelings, emotions, thoughts, attitude, and so forth.

First off: Some of these symptoms: Hungry, cold, tired, crabby, irritable, and moody, are considered rather normal from a biological standpoint. Body systems are being altered, and the body is responding. It’s my experience that the degree to which these reside depend largely upon two factors:

  1. Mental strength, logic, and control

  2. Biochemistry


Many times, athletes have not gained enough experience (have not successfully cut down enough times to understand the process), to have built the mental aspects of cutting that’s required, and start to ‘fall apart’, go into panic mode, or quit, out of fear as to what’s taking place within their body. They lack knowledge and understanding, and ultimately lose control. The more one dwells mentally on the negative’s, the more readily they are fed, and they sic them self out. “Where our thoughts go, energy flows”.

More experienced athlete’s have learned through experience what baseline ‘symptoms’ to expect, literally, every cut. The more seasoned have learned how to mentally work through them. The Pro’s have learned to differentiate between what is considered ‘normal and expected’ for them, and what needs heeding to, and heed it. They stay calm, centered, and are open to the changes that may be expected of them.

Many people, athlete’s included, simply have not developed the mental toughness, control, and fortitude it takes to become successful in their field. This is what sets the true Pro apart from the Amateur.

Strong bodies cannot be made with weak minds.


You’ve heard it before, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak”.

Many people want to lose body fat, they desire it with all their might, but the flesh (control of bodily senses), is weak.

Man has lived for thousands of years hunting, eating, resting….. repeat. These men were strong, full of vigor, and they survived, and thrived. The weaker amongst them died.

For the past several hundred years man has not had obesity, this is a calculated ‘disease’, (yes, it’s now considered a disease), brought about by adding sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and the processing of ‘foods’, and so forth. It destroys the human body, but hey….. it makes those producing them A LOT of money!!!!!! And doctors, and the health ‘care’ industry.

So, what has happened to man that he has become obese? Why has he suddenly decided to eat more calories?

The obesity that has taken much of the population by surprise isn’t really all that surprising when you realize the importance of biochemistry.

Biochemistry is not spoken of in the realms of sports, extreme sports, Elite Performance, and Warrior-Hood, but I will tell you, this is where it’s at. Remember, I’m the first one who told you.

Biochemistry is the branch of science concerned with the chemical and physicochemical processes that occur within living organisms, that means you. Simply put, it is the chemistry and physics relating to the physical body. Biochemistry can be likened (in a very abstract way), to a successful pregnancy. When something has gone awry biochemically within the mother, or the developing fetus, many times a miscarriage occurs.

Necessary functions that many of us take for granted, are thrown off, mainly due to lack of ‘communication’, meaning, in biochemical language, a necessary element was lacking that caused a lack of communication at the cellular level, affecting cellular function. The next step of the life cycle could not be taken due to the missing element.

When this lack of communication occurs within the brain, we call it ‘dementia’, Alzheimers, ADD, ADHD, depression, and a host of other names.

When this occurs within the body structure, doctors call it all kinds of names, from acne to cancer.

It ALL boils down to biochemistry, and the degree to which it has gone awry.

As I mentioned last week, studies have shown people tend to eat the same foods each day, week after week, year after year. I mentioned the importance of variety, as staying with the same foods for a long length of time that is not nutritionally sound, will inevitably bring negative consequences.

Hence, the symptoms of exhausted, and don’t sleep well, might be a sign of distress. Some of these signs are easily remedied, others, not, it depends on biochemistry, and how quickly it can be brought back into balance again.

It is a fact that ‘foods’ containing sugar, high fructose corn syrup, colors, dyes, emulsifiers (bleaching and deodorizing agents, yes, these ‘foods’ need to be bleached to strip, and deodorizers because people would not touch them, let alone eat them, without it), and the processing of ‘foods’, etc.,

Have a direct effect on the brain, namely with hormones that communicate to you that you are full, satisfied (leptin), or that you are hungry (ghrelin). The more these concoctions are taken in, the more the body craves them (as they have been carefully formulated in a lab to do so), and the person keeps eating more. If that isn’t enough, these items go on to block the body signal (leptin, biochemistry), to the brain that it has had enough. This leaves a person feeling hungry, even after just eating!

That deal at 7-11 with a 60 oz. coke, snickers bar and bag of chips “All for just .99 cents!”, is bullshit. Now, you already knew this, right?

Are you aware of how many salad dressings, bbq sauces, yogurt (except for plain Greek), and a innumerable amount of shelved ‘food’ contain this stuff? In other words, one does not have to buy a candy bar to be eating something that will block leptin (although, after 3 weeks, any kind of food of this sort will block the signal), but one could also cut off the signal by eating the same yogurt and granola (because many people think this is ‘healthy’ food), each day, or the oversize muffin each morning from Costco, or, or, or.

Hence, I have athlete’s who don’t understand why each time they ‘cut’ it becomes more of a puzzle.

Even if they think they have been eating ‘clean’, everyone seems to have their own definition of what ‘clean’ means. They can be eating fruits, veggies, chicken, eggs, protein powder, and STILL develop biochemical problems if the produce is not organic, the meat hormone and anti-biotic free, the eggs, hormone, organic, and cage free, and everything non-GMO.

This is what really annoys me in today’s society. What used to be normal, ‘clean’, healthy food, has intentionally become adulterated. Now, ‘normal, clean, healthy’ food, of not so long ago, is a coveted prize. The prices are jacked up, harder to find, and depending on the season, less available.

As mentioned last week, pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s, antibiotics in the food supply, additives, colorings, preservatives, and so forth, wreak havoc with not only biological functions, but especially the endocrine system of both male and females. This is your hormonal system, and your hormonal system is one of the main keys to your vital health. Once the endocrine system has been disrupted, biochemical function looks to pull resources from other meridians. A meridian is an energy pathway. Our bodies are made of these meridians. A disrupted endocrine system very quickly starts disrupting the nervous system, and a domino effect begins throughout the body. Are you beginning to understand the importance of your biochemistry?

In other words, a person can really believe they are doing well (from all outward appearances), when in fact, their body is speaking otherwise.

Take an athlete who’s relatively new. She had a baby, and life and training goes on relatively as normal, after birth. Baby number two comes along. Mom didn’t get as much sleep with baby #2 because baby #1 kept her up a lot at night. She didn’t follow a meal plan, and ‘grazed’ on what seemed to be heathy food, much of the time. She found herself growing more tired but chalked it up to being pregnant. She noticed she wasn't handling stress as well, and blames it on the pregnancy, too. She found herself hungrier at night than usual. The human body is smart. When a woman is carrying, all vital nutrients will be taken to the fetus, it’s the mom who will be left depleted. When mom is severely depleted (even without realizing it), baby will also become deficient. This is the beginning of issues with baby before he/she is even born. Now, baby #2 is born, mom just can’t seem to keep up, feels good some days, irritable many others. Eating healthy and exercising gets done when she feels like it, but doesn't seem to be as enjoyable. Biochemistry, my friends. Please, take this seriously.

When I have an athlete who is experienced and can’t stick to their plans, I know they’ve got undetected biochemical processes that are in malfunction screaming to be heard. This is especially true when dealing with those who have, or had issues with anorexia, bingeing, bulimia, and addictions: alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sugar, and even porn and gambling (yes, these change the brain, as well). It matters not how long ago the athlete stopped the behavior, unless they understood the biochemistry, and remedied all the biochemical depletions, they will still be depleted. Karma, my friends. Sometimes it comes back to us as paradise, other times it bites us on the butt.

I note the importance of blood work on a regular basis, as in a designated outline I give to my athletes to take with them to their doctor, and discuss.

The truth is, by the time a number on a blood test shows ‘Low’ or ‘High’, and out of the ‘Normal’ zone, it has been a problem for at least a year, in my opinion, and based on tests I have run.

Even the ‘Normal’ is misleading. Understand, ‘Normal’ was based on a selected group of people to run the study on, and ‘Normal’ was based on such a group, and used to this day by the medical industry, as to what we believe to be ‘Normal’.

If a group of 25 random people were selected as a test group to decide what ‘Normal’ was for such and such, and 97% of them were your typical hot dog, french fries, and hot apple pies, sedentary, and perhaps, 41% of them smoked, and 50% drank alcohol regularly, would you find this ‘Normal’ for you? Of course not! Can you understand how ‘Normal’, could very well be not be the normal zone for you?

Take your test results with a grain of salt. Discuss the results with your physician, and hopefully a physician that’s honest enough to be frank about it. Keep in mind, physicians are taught drugs in medical school, not nutrition. They are conditioned to write prescriptions, so do not be surprised if they look at you confused when you want a deeper explanation, or ask questions that appear to be ‘out of the box’. Perhaps, consider changing physicians.

In short, blood work gives us information after the fact. Wouldn’t you rather have a heads up before?

One thing is certain, we live in ever changing times. The body adapts. The body has a Master Blueprint, it knows exactly what to do as long as we give it the necessary items (elements), it knows how to use them. Pharmafoods do not supply these elements (quite the opposite, they rob the body further of necessary elements). Produce drenched in chemicals do not provide these elements, stress affects these elements, insomnia, stinken’ think’n, polluted air, water, and in our time…. technology, interferes with these elements. Yes, what you don’t see can hurt you: Wifi, endless hours on the computer, iPad, and cellphone, all have negative effects upon the body, not one positive one. Choose wisely.

You have more control over your chemical biology than you may realize. I’m sure you’ve learned a few ways to enhance your internal factory in the last few minutes of reading this newsletter. Good. This takes us to…


Coach, my muscles are still aching from last week’s TIGHT WOD. Should I still do today’s challenge or sit it out? My muscles are tight all the time. I feel so stiff. Should I be eating more? Supplementing differently? Do I need to take a few days off?

  1. Blood work

  2. Stretching daily, before and after training, and more, if necessary

  3. Massage or foam roller

  4. Eat more? Of what? How do you know what your body needs?

  5. Supplement with what? Would you be supplementing to treat a symptom or addressing the underlying issue?

  6. What would you do on a day off? Stay in bed? Watch tv? Or would you be working on the underlying issue?

Here again, we must look to the nutritional foundation. Then, we must look at habits:

- Proper warm-up and cool-down

  • Stretching

  • Foam rolling

  • Massage

  • Ointments, or lack thereof

  • Sleep

  • Stress

  • Emotions, and so forth

Inexperienced athletes are quick to jump to a negative conclusion. There is NOTHING wrong with this, it is part of the learning curve when beginning. When an individual has not put their body in various circumstances before, they have NOTHING to go by, and judge on the side of safety, this is good.

I strongly encourage new athletes to start tuning into their body. Write down everything when first starting or it’s very easy to skip a proper warm-up, and stretch, and go straight into a heavy lift. Heck, I have some experienced athlete’s who complain to this day (five years or more), about stretching. They do it simply because they have seen firsthand what happens to their team mates who have not…… they get injured.

Next, supplementing will not make up for poor lifestyle and/or eating habits. I’ve had athlete’s who think they can party the night before training, and then text first thing in the morning asking what they can take (supplement with), to ease their hangover. I say, Karma baby, meet up and train. Suck it up. Ditto poor eating habits, sleep habits, etc. Caffeine will not replace lost sleep, it just overextends you, and depletes your vital resources that much more, all while you are feeling great (at the time).

Unless you know how to properly supplement, what you are supplementing for, and how long to supplement, don’t. Even unnecessary supplements can throw off biochemistry. More does not mean better, especially when it is manmade (supplements). Get the most you can from living, real, food.


Athlete: I just don’t seem to be losing weight. I’m so discouraged. I thought I would have lost more by now. I follow the meal plan. Have you been following the plan, as outlined? I just swapped a protein bar for my shake yesterday. Anything else I should know? It was my birthday this week, I had a small piece of cake and some ice cream. No big deal…. and on Friday I felt like eating a piece of bread. I figured my body probably needed it.

Anyone who knows me well enough knows I do not play this game. I call it the ‘Let’s pretend game.’ The athlete non-verbally says, “I just told you I substituted items on the meal plan on my own: protein bar, a piece of bread, cake and ice cream….. now let’s pretend like I don’t know why I’m not getting results..”

If an athlete isn’t following a meal plan, and instead doing ‘their own thing’ whenever they feel like it, then guess what? It’s not my meal plan anymore, it’s theirs. Weekly STATS are taken to determine how your body is responding to the specified meal plans, so I know what needs to be adjusted. I have no problem if athletes want to do their own thing and get STATS and learn on their own, I have a couple who do. The problem lies when one is not willing to take responsibility or accountability for their actions, and then look at me like , “What’s up? What’s wrong with me?”

Or, or, or.

This is also a red flag to me that something could very well be off biochemically, especially if they just can’t seem to stay away from various carbs, hence, the leptin factor.

I ask and expect athletes to contact me when they feel something might be off, or their body is responding in an uncomfortable way. I’ve had athletes do an additional 2-3 hours of cardio a few days a week without letting me know, or decide they will climb Mt. Timp and then wonder why they feel like shiz the next day, and their body takes an extra 3 days to recover.

Everything is calculated. Doing something over the norm is usually not a big deal, however, if someone is already chemically compromised (as in years) this could prove to be a poor experience. When the above scenario takes place, vital elements are worn thin without proper replacement of electrolytes, carb timing, pre and post workout meal and so forth. At this point, everything matters: elevation, the cold air vs. hot air, direct sun, etc.


Biochemical action = Productive cellular function

This, my friends is the key to health:

Cardiovascular, nervous system, endocrine, muscular….. all body systems including brain chemistry and function. No two people are the same, each of us is unique.

Many physicians are making people’s health worse, not better, as prescribing drugs limit and control natural biochemical function.

The best advice I an offer at this time is to eat a varied meal plan, change things up every week when not on a meal plan for a specific purpose:

  • Competing

  • Shoot

  • Special occasion

  • On ‘assignment’, mission, etc.

Be sure to eat the colors of the rainbow as often as possible, and teach your children to do this, as well. Colorful food dishes are appealing to both the eyes and tastebuds. Accentuate dark, green leafy vegetables.

Include trace minerals.

Supplement only when you know why you are supplementing, how long to supplement, and the proper dosage to be effective for your body’s constitution.

Plenty of good, pure, filtered water.

Let’s take the element of iron for instance:

Low iron sometimes is the result of fasting and dieting without proper supervision. It can result from “calorie counting”, from eating processed pharmafoods, or poor assimilation.

Oxygen demands iron, and iron is stored in every organ of the body, particularly, the liver. Alcohol destroys the liver. Oxygen and iron work together to burn up waste material. The liver aids in detoxification, so, if the ratio of iron to oxygen is off due to any of the aforementioned, then one is not burning waste material properly.

What then happens to this toxic waste? The liver stores it away. If it becomes to full of toxins (fatty liver, etc.), it will shuffle off toxins to other areas of the body. Which areas? To the weakest parts and organs of your body, where it is moist, dark, and warm. This is why some people end up with liver cancer, others, pancreatic, lymphoma’s, esophagus, and so forth. The smoker oft times ends up with a dirty liver and if not remedied fast enough, esophageal or lung cancer ensues.


There is a HUGE difference between inorganic elements (manmade supplements), and organic elements (plant based, nature made foods).

The body can only utilize that which is organic. Do not be fooled.

Hence, the picture of my potted herbs at the start of this newsletter. These plants can only produce that from which they themselves have been grown in. Sure, I can grow some of the same herbs in the clay/dirt, and they will grow……. BUT, if I start them in a nutrient (naturally occurring base to begin with), they will draw these nutrients up through the roots, and into the stems, leaves, fruit, or vegetable producing what the human body needs.


Soils lacking vital nutrients produce plants and produce which lack those vital nutrients, as well. If you are gardening this year, your greatest investment will be the preparation of your soil.

We are all a part of a unique, diverse, whole. For every cause there is an equal, and opposite, effect. However, what few understand is that these CAUSES take place in the unseen world, and it is the EFFECT that one experiences though their senses, in the ‘visible’ world.

Jill Nix - NHD., MH., TBM.

What each of us experiences physically, began long ago unseen to the human eye. Biochemical processes are such a thing. We take them for granted. We assume an orange contains what it’s ‘supposed’ to. We assume we digest and assimilate everything we consume (this is a myth), and we tend to take ‘good’ health for granted until we fall ill.

Well, this has certainly turned into a lengthy newsletter. I hope you have gained some valuable information, and understand the importance of your body’s chemistry.

Have a wonderful week!!!!!!

We are celebrating my son’s Eagle Scout today. He is the first in the family on both sides to earn it. I’m very proud of him.

Have a wonderful day. Rest. Reflect. Listen. Plan, and tomorrow ACT!


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