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Earth, what a truly beautiful, magnificent planet she is. Such diversification in every realm; plant, animal, fish, fowl, insect, and human. The many landscapes and fascinating, beautiful places to visit and roam, are endless.

Every day is ‘Earth Day’.

The topic of today’s discussion is about perspective in regards to:

2 a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view: most guidebook history is written from the editor's perspective.

Over the last three decades that I’ve been working with people; men, women, and youth, in the areas of health and fitness, I find there is something amiss in the minds of many.

Although this world is a beautiful place, and it would take an infinity for one to learn and experience all there is, some people have sadly lost their inner drive to experience life, nature, the ocean, mountain hikes, and soforth. Their perspective has slowly and ever so subtly

lulled them into a funnel type of vision, if you will imagine, seeing but a few select things.

Let me ask you a question...

Do you believe a person can live a balanced life with such limited vision?

Which brings us to the dilemma of many, not only women, but men, also.....


Do you have any idea how many people are obsessed with what they will eat, how much they will eat, when they will eat, feel remorse for what they have just eaten, shame themselves, count calories, exercise, not exercise, and on, and on it goes....

For these people, their life evolves 24/7 around their physique and all things about it:

- Is it tall enough? - Too short? - Fat? - Skinny?

- Muscular? - Muffin top? - Cellulite? - Rashes - Birth marks - Freckles - Scars - Moles - Skin tags

- Acne - Too much body hair? - Not enough body hair? - Big enough chest? - Big enough breasts? - Big enough booty? - Saggy booty? - Hair too long? - Too short? - Wrong color? - Bad hair day? - Stinky feet? - Flabby ab’s - Chicken legs? - Enough V-taper - Nose hair - Eyelashes - Brows too bushy...

It is sheer madness! Chaos, and a complete drain on the energy system, emotions, and mental energy. Sure, you can laugh if you’ve never been there, but to the men and women I’ve been blessed to work with and help overcome such limited perspectives, I can assure you..... it’s a nightmare.


We can thank the good ole media for sending out images to the masses, ‘dictating’ in their own unique, subtle way how people should not only physically look, but also how they should dress, determine hairstyles, language, music styles, to the way we ‘should’ be living our lives, and much more.

You see, we have Laws that were given to us, and they come from Creator. These Laws, as God, never change, they are for our own benefit, and we achieve true, everlasting happiness therefrom. I’m a firm believer that if all people truly governed themselves as Creator outlines, then there really is no such need for others to govern us. In the ‘Ideal’ world, right?

Then, we have ‘Laws of the Land’ to govern us. These laws are supposed to benefit us when working properly, however, there is much money to be made by the people making such laws, by those breaking them.

As crazy as it sounds, the very people who own the media outlets; television stations, movies, newspapers, magazines, internet, and so forth are indeed the SAME people who inevitably MAKE the so called ‘Laws’. Yes, they do, just look at who ‘owns’ those politicians with their funding, to accomplish their objectives. Now, obviously, you can see there is a conflict here, can’t you? The laws of the land tell us we should be doing A-Z, yet the media portrays, and even glorifies the OPPOSITE. Hmmm. Does this make sense to you? Me either. You’ve got the same clowns supporting both sides: ‘Keep the laws’ on one side, and ‘Portray and glorify breaking them nearly everywhere else’, on the other all bought and paid for by the same peeps.

I would have to say from all outward appearances the people running the show on both ends are, well, either really stupid, or very evil by trying to play such foolish games on the masses. Now, I’m not a conspiracy person, I just simply call it as I see it.

The sad part is, many people have allowed themselves to be tricked by such clever maneuvers. All over you see youth patterning, dressing, and acting the part of their favorite celeb, trying to ‘fit in’, and so forth. To those who do, I say, be different, you were never meant to fit in. You are each unique, embrace that uniqueness, and stop copying other people. Just.Be.Yourself.

Unfortunately, many women, and men, have also fallen subject that they must look a certain ‘way’. For whom? What for? Is this ego driven or out of respect for wanting to improve your health and well-being? Just say’n.

I know women who beat themselves up mentally everyday because they don’t look like their neighbor. They punish themselves by stink’n think’n, and their body replies, “Your wish is my command”. Then they succor, pacify, distract, or comfort themselves with food, drink, alcohol, drugs, you name it.

It’s not much different for men either, really.

I think a good place to start is by realizing:

- How much time one has wasted on such endeavors

- How much money has been wasted on such endeavors

- How many relationships have suffered as a result of such limited perspective

- How many opportunities have been passed as a result of limited perspective

- The fact that one could have easily been through med or law school, if the

same amount of energy, time, and commitment to thought, day in and day out had been applied (as for many, this perspective goes on for decades!!!)


It truly is. I know women who have resorted to tummy tucks, gastric bypass, drastic diets (Hcg), liposuction, nose jobs, boob jobs, booty implants, and on it goes.... and they still struggle with their body image. Not just one or two, but ALL of the women who have had surgery in regards to weight loss, not only gained the weight back in a year, but actually put on a more.

The reason they gained the weight back is because they never did the ‘head work - home work’. What good is a tummy tuck if the person has still not learned to eat properly? What good is gastric bypass when the individual never faced the food addiction and corrected it? What good is any of it if the person is still hung up mentally and emotionally 24/7 on a number of what they perceive to be ‘flaws’? Even after surgery, these women still see the same ‘flaw’, when all around them assure them it’s not there!!!!

We must start with the underlying factors that drive one to take such actions first, and get to the bottom of them, then decide if a procedure is still worth having.

This could mean many things:

- Stress management

- Eating disorders - Addiction - Abuse

- Low self-esteem - Self-hate - No self-worth

are but a few of the areas that would need to be addressed.


For many, fear plays a large role in keeping the individual from the change they desire, to actually take place.

- They fear they will fail (despite the fact they have already struggled for years)

- They fear they will succeed (yes, you’d be surprised how many people are afraid of what might happen to them and/or their relationships if they actually succeed.)

- They fear criticism (although they criticize themselves 24/7)

- They fear rejection (not realizing it is they who reject themselves)

So, one must start with all of the above and get a handle on what they are thinking, feeling, and how they are behaving. It would be wise to sit down with a trusted family member, friend, or professional, who knows you well and can help you understand where perhaps, distorted thinking, is hampering your life by creating a limited perspective.


You have all heard the saying,

“If you do things the same way you always have, you can only expect the same results.”

Indeed. The greatest thing one can do for themselves is to change up things as much as they can, at a pace that works for them. If you usually put your right shoe on first, start with your left. Drive, bike, or walk a different way to work or the store. Train at various times. If you’re indoors a lot, get outdoors. Read topics you don’t usually read, and on it goes. Sit in a different chair. Go to a different restaurant. Do your laundry on a different day.

Routine has it’s pro’s and con’s. One becomes more efficient with their time and activity but the brain goes on ‘auto-pilot’. The brain needs growth, stimulation, and activity. Change it up.

It used to be doctors felt the brain when once injured, would not be the same. Studies have found through the years that there is a neural network, this network is more efficient than the most advanced computer of our time. This neural network allows the network to go around the injured area, and has the ability to learn and behave as the former. This is called Neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity refers to the potential that the brain has to reorganize by creating new neural pathways to adapt, as it needs. Think of the neurological changes being made in the brain as the brain's way of tuning itself to meet your needs.

When one performs the same activities, thinks the same thoughts, etc., day after day, this pattern becomes engrained into the network, literally. This is why it becomes so difficult to overcome years of habit, or change ones ways. However, it can be done!!!

Once you begin changing things up, keep a list of say five priorities you want to change, and make sure you spend plenty of time, conscious effort, and be engaged in an activity in regards to your five priorities DAILY. That’s right, the more time you spend on what you want, the more your new network builds, and as your new network builds, and builds, and builds, where do you think it’s getting it’s building material from?

Your OLD neural network!!!! Yep, just like tearing down one highway to build a much needed, improved one.

A beautiful example of this is a wonderful client of mine who has been home rising kids for over two decades. As we have been working through issues and bringing awareness to building this new network, she recently informed me she is seriously considering going to a school to become a massage therapist. I could not have been more delighted!

The decision to go to school and learn the art of a form of hands on healing, is both therapeutic to both the receiver and the giver. The new information that will need to be learned about body systems and so forth, will demand her neural network to begin an expansion, and ultimately, the further the studies and practice go on, the greater, and stronger her new network becomes as the ‘old’ network, patterns, filters, and perspectives begin to fade.

This is how’s it’s done. Yes, I have some other steps one can take, however, they lead one to the professional level. Start here where you can do this yourself. I have witnessed dozens of people throughout the years make sustainable changes that have lead to much happiness to this day, and they did it by doing what I’ve just gone over with you.

If I can be of help to you further on this topic, feel free to contact me.

“I've learned that fear limits you and your vision. It serves as blinders to what may be just a few steps down the road for you. The journey is valuable, but believing in your talents, your abilities, and your self-worth can empower you to walk down an even brighter path. Transforming fear into freedom - how great is that?” - Soledad O’Brien

And so it is. Pull the funnel from the eyes, and behold the grander view. Look a bit farther and you will be delighted at what you have to offer by believing in yourself, your talents, and your abilities. Transform to freedom. Freedom of thought. Let go of fixations, and become unlimited in your endeavors.

Who would you be if you simply changed and opened your perspective? Have a wonderful week!


Jill Nix: NHD, MH, TBM

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