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Ibuprofen can truly bring relief to those suffering from any number of ills, however, Ibuprofen, like all synthetic drugs, has detrimental side effects. When taken rarely, it does the least amount of damage. When taken daily for a headache that doesn’t seem to end, or for cramps, muscle soreness, or other issues, it can become a serious heath hazard, particularly when taken in larger doses than specified, for any length of time.

WHAT EXACTLY IS IBUPROFEN? It’s a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It’s used to relieve pain, reduces fever, and helps with inflammation. Part of the livers job is to eliminate drugs such as ibuprofen, from the body. It’s been found, however, the more ibuprofen that is consumed, especially in high amounts, the less efficiently the liver detoxifies of it. When there is drug (toxin) build-up in the liver, function becomes compromised and the liver is unable to eliminate the drugs properly, causing the liver to become damaged or inflamed (hepatitis). Inflammation of the liver resulting from medication is called drug-induced hepatitis. In the worst case scenario, liver failure occurs. It’s been estimated 3,400 people per year die from NSAID’s, however, many reports claim it is as high as 16,500.

HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH? Dosage should not exceed the recommended 800 mg. per dose, up to four times per day. Personally, I say take it only if you have to. People are often too quick to pop an ibuprofen at the first cramp, headache, or even to take away the soreness after a good workout. There are other options in each of these cases. Speak to a qualified, experienced, herbalist, or someone who has knowledge of homeopathics, and/or reflexology and massage. I always recommend taking a natural route first. As for those with a compromised liver, ibuprofen should strongly be discouraged unless specified by your physician; such cases would include alcoholism, liver cancer, those with any strain of Hepatitis (A, B, C, or others), as well as, recent transplant patients, etc.


There are symptoms that run in line when you’ve been overdoing it on ibuprofen.

Here’s some of them: - Liver pain (generally on the upper right side of the front torso) - Headaches (can be accompanied by blurred vision) - Ringing in the ears - Diarrhea (or constipation) - Fatigue - Loss of appetite - Poor digestion (gas and bloating as a result) - Dark colored urine (sometimes foul smelling) - Abnormal looking bowel movements - Yellowish color to the skin - Nausea and/or vomiting - Blood pressure could also become elevated


I’d stop using ibuprofen as soon as it was suspected you could be taking too much. Whether symptoms subside or not, I’d strongly encourage you to see your doctor, and ask him/her to run tests to check all aspects of your liver/function, as symptoms may disappear, but damage could be done. Your physician might have other recommendations for you, and your specific case.

Ibuprofen is hard on the GI tract. If you have been taking Ibuprofen and suspect you have overused it, I suggest stop using it immediately and begin healing and rebuilding the GI tract.

Things I have found useful for healing the tract include: - probiotics - aloe vera gel - dark leafy greens

- slippery elm gruel - cayenne, in powdered form

There are various ways of using the above, and most everyone has some type of reaction to one of the items on the list, so feel free to contact me with further questions.

I would also consider giving special attention to the liver. There are a few formulas I have found very effective, and worth every penny. One in particular is Dr. Christopher’s LIVER/GALLBLADDER formula. An herbal formula alone will not do the trick, however, it works wonderfully in conjunction with a juice or food cleanse.

There are many ways to cleanse and detox the liver, from juice fasts to a regimented food plan. I have used many over the years and have found several that work well with everyone. A word of caution here though; please do not attempt a cleanse/detox unless under the supervision of an experienced doctor, or naturopath, as each person comes with their own unique health circumstances, and there are both pre and post cleansing protocols that need to be heeded. Also, beware of programs that sell their liver cleanse in bottles of capsules, as this alone will not cleanse nor detox the liver.

Also keep in mind, the liver needs cleansing regularly, especially the older one becomes. A practice I started years ago with my kids when they came down with a cold was to put them on apple juice/water for three days. It works beautifully and oft times they felt better within just 24 hours. Keeping them on this regimen for three days allowed their liver to cleanse and detox. It flushes out a minimum of 1.5 gallons of toxic lymph waste, and replaces it with alkalinizing fluid. For an adult doing the cleanse, three gallons of toxic lymph is flushed. My older kids who have moved out still continue the practice and use it with their kids, as well.

With this type of apple juice/water regimen done as a cold is coming on, for many that would be 1-2 times a year. You can get rid of the cold and cleanse the liver- gallbladder at the same time.

Taking care of the body is not complicated, however, with the marketing of soda, cigarettes, alcohol, processed junk food, to commercial ad’s running 24/7 for pharmaceutical drugs and the like, one must be mindful of their choices, as the availability factor is high. Many people look for convenience and ease of way, but when it comes to your body, I say give it your full attention, as how you nourish your body today in many ways, determines the quality of your life both tomorrow, and especially in the future.

Have a wonderful week!

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