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VISUALIZATION: Can You See What I'm Talking About?

"Envisioning the end is enough to put the means in motion.” ~Dorothea Brande

We've all heard it before: If you desire something in life, visualize it.


Basically, forming a mental image. Say you're a runner. You visualize yourself at the starting line, the bang of the gun goes off, you feel a rush of adrenaline run through every fiber of your being, and you set all engines on high and begin your race. You feel the wind through your hair, sweat running down your face, the sun pounding on your skin, and your heart thumping to meet the demands of oxygen output. You come head to head with another runner, feel your second wind, and push through with all your might, pressing your chest against the finish line tape. You've won!!!

Or perhaps, you're the cancer patient who's been told there's nothing left for medical services to do for you. Rather than go home feeling defeated, alone, and hopeless, you immediately begin to take matters in your own hands. You go to your home, pack your bags, find a nearby hotel, check-in, call your family and let them know you need a bit of time to yourself, go to the local movie rental store, check out as many comedies as possible, return to your room, and commence the healing journey. You shower, shave, get cozy, watch comedy, after comedy, after comedy, until you are really laughing, enjoying yourself, and have not a care in the world. You tire, turn off the t.v., close your eyes, and begin visualizing your immune system going on a search and destroy mission, after cancer cells. You do this for a month or so, go back to the doc, and see improvement miraculously has been made, you continue the process. In time, the cancer has been overcome, and eventually you are declared in remission. Yes, this really happened to a man named Norman Vincent Peale.

Like Norman, elite athletes, performers, teachers, lecturers, anyone and everyone from every walk of life, somewhere, can testify of the power of visualization. I can testify of it myself. I teach many formats: Turbo Kick, Pump, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Hustle, and Bootcamp, to name a few. Many times I do not have time to practice choreography, so I will run through it visually whenever I can, at the store, fueling the car, washing dishes, etc. It’s worked like a charm. Come class time I feel like I’ve already taught the class a dozen times.

What is it you would like to improve upon? Change? Your body composition? Awesome. Find a picture of someone who has the composition you're after. Hang the picture up everywhere, make copies, put it on your fridge, in your car, in your planner, on your desk, in your closet, on your bathroom mirror, and when you lay down to rest at night, see yourself in your new body, training, dressing, showering, and notice the big smile on your face, notice how healthy you feel, how much energy you have, and how well you handle stress in your life.

This method works in all aspects of life. Let it work for you. Be mindful of the talk you speak to yourself all day long. Be careful of the thoughts you think when you pass by a mirror and you see yourself. Use these moments and self-talk to empower yourself. You must be your Master. You are your own teacher. You listen to yourself all day long, what are you saying? Thinking? Empower yourself. Hugs.

Have a wonderful week!


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