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TIGHT offers healthy eating plans designed and tailored specifically just for you.  A detailed questionnaire and recent photo will need to be submitted.  Some of the benefits of having anutirional plan set up for you are:


  • No need to track calories, protein, carbohydrates, or fat.  When you follow the plan as outlined, it has already been calculated for you, eliminating the need to keep a food diary and/or track nutrients.

  • You can save a tremendous amount of time and effort by simply not having to plan the meals ahead for yourself. All you need to do is shop and prepare.

  • Eliminates stress by easing up your schedule to allow you more time for the things you enjoy, your family, and yes... your workout.

Double Meal Plans

A double meal plan is designed for you to follow one meal plan for weeks 1, 3, and 5 and another meal plan for weeks 2 and 4. This allows for greater variety.

Double Meal Plan: Updates

As your body adjusts to the meal plan, your body composition will begin to change. As your composition changes, your plan(s) will need to be updated, as your macro ratios will need to be adjusted. Most people find an update is necessary anywhere from 4-7 weeks. Every body is different, so there is much room for variance here.

Single Meal Plans

A single meal plan is a plan that is follwed daily (generally, for at least 30 days), or until an update is necessary.


Single Meal Plan: Updates

These work the same way as the double meal plan updates.




Once your request is received, you will be invoiced via Paypal. Once notification has been sent, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out and return to TIGHT, with a current front, side, and back photo. Ladies, take these pics in a two piece bathing suit or a sports bra and short shorts. Men, send your pics wearing short shorts.


Once your questionnaire is received, TIGHT will get started on your plans asap. Plans could take up to 2-4 weeks for delivery, depending on the time of year.


If you're interested in a meal plan but not quite sure about it yet, I encourage you to read the following articles:







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