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NOUN: the power to influence or direct people's behavior or the course of events:

"the whole operation is under the control of a production manager" · [more]

synonyms: jurisdiction · sway · power · authority · command · [more]

Control, at first, sounds rather restricting doesn’t it? Something or someone that is ‘controlled’, seems to be monitored, restrained, perhaps, even against it’s will. The beauty of control lies (like many other aspects of life)

within the perspective of the one perceiving it. For instance, to one person, being on a meal plan could be too ‘controlling’ for them, dictating what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, and so forth. To another, a meal plan with those same aspects would be deemed a Godsend. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Today, I would like to focus on control in a positive sense, in three key areas:

  1. Self

  2. Eating habits

  3. Training

Of course, we could literally go on to address literally every aspect of life, in regards to control, but for the sake of narrowing it down for TIGHT purpose’s, we shall begin with these.


This is a huge deal. Volumes can be written on it. Control of self means: Mastering one’s thoughts, mastering one’s emotions, and mastering one’s actions. In other words, when one is consciously aware of what they are thinking, feeling, and doing, and making choices that are in conjunction with one another, and to their overall short and long range goals, they are exercising self-control.

Any time one finds themselves feeling distraught, agitated, depressed, angry, or at the end of their rope, they have allowed their emotions to sweep over them as a wave on the beach, allowing the water to carry them any which way. Emotions of over enthusiasm, and other such ‘over the top’, feelings, can construe things all the same. How many people have done foolish things in the height of excitement, or the ‘adrenaline rush’? Think DERK awards.

The key is to recognize what one is feeling. Acknowledge where it is coming from, and like many prior topics I’ve written on, use it to your benefit and not destruction. Daily, our choices are either building us, or destroying us. Taking us closer to our goals or farther. Bringing us peace and joy, or pain and misery.


Choose wisely. Examine what’s within you. Respond with intelligence.

Eating Habits:

These habits make or break a man. Just as our thoughts, everything we take into the body either builds or destroys, cleanses or clogs, nourishes us or robs one of vital nutrients, and in turn, vital energy.

I notice many people eating on the ‘run’, these days, while driving, in crowded, noisy, fat-food (whoops, I mean fast food), or other restaurants, while talking on the phone, watching television, and so forth. How can this be healthy when done day in and day out. What example does this set for our children and those around us? What many people do not realize is we are not what we eat, we are what we assimilate. When one is eating under such conditions, and/or in a rush, their central nervous system registers as ‘Fight or Flight’ mode. Blood then goes to the extremities for action, not to the gut for digestion, let alone assimilation.

One other area that needs to be addressed under this topic is eating when one is emotionally, or otherwise, upset. The body will not properly digest, nor assimilate. Get emotions in check first, then eat.


Do yourself a favor, and practice proper eating habits. Your body will thank you.


Control and training…? What? Yes, training is the breeding ground for mastery of self, emotions, and the physical domain. This is what sets TIGHT apart from other programs. Many of my athletes follow more traditional ‘programming’, and have amazing results. The Warriors follow TIGHT BODY’s more aggressive, and advanced protocols. These meld the individual into something, and someone, they formerly would have thought impossible. Many military and elite athlete’s are drawn to this training like a magnet.

You do not need to be a Warrior to utilize and tap into these skills of control. You can simply begin by training your mind to be focused in the gym. The other day, an acquaintance approached me while I was maneuvering 120 lbs. around, yep, my body weight. It didn’t take long for him to realize he didn’t exist. Not in a rude way, but do what you need to do to get the job done. Focus. Exercise control.

When your through with a tough set, teach your mind to be stronger by not dropping the weights on the floor, but rather, gently set them down. When you’re ready to quit something, do another rep, or another set for that matter.

When the burn is so bad after lifting to your personal best, you want to scream, instead, look around and find someone to smile at, and say ‘Goodmorning’.


Train to exercise that invisible muscle called self-control.

Have a wonderful week.

Be strong. Stay strong.


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