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Hi Team!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Fall is surely in the air. Have you set some firm Health and Fitness goals for yourself for the fall? With the holidays just around the corner, it’s a good time to make a commitment to yourself to come out stronger, lighter, and happier then when you went in. E-mail me with your commitment to yourself and I will be happy to keep you accountable. Weekly STATS provide real time feedback on dietary choices, exercise routines, and other important information. Call, text, or e-mail today and set up a time to meet, it can be weekly, or bi-monthly. We can find a time and day that works best for you. Remember, the buddy system encourages healthier habits, get your friends, family, neighbors, etc., on board with you. Provide some incentive for holding TIGHT each week, and at the end of every month. (385) 495-4416

On to today’s topic....


There are many variations in the meaning of form, however, in regards to my newsletter today, I’m referring to form as being the manner in which you produce a habit, and the correctness of performing movement, particularly in the area of exercise execution.


Technique is the skillful, efficient manner in which one executes a particular exercise.


Proper form and technique are crucial when performing an exercise to obtain the desired outcome, which is strength, and full range of motion (ROM). Let’s take the squat, for example, if ones stance has the left foot an inch or so upward of the right foot, what happens? It’s only an inch. If this is a squat with no weight, nothing of negativity may be felt, however, over time, or given a significant load, this placement in footing will lead to not only ankle issues, but also knee, back, and if left unchecked, shoulder issues, as well.


The feet misalignment will affect the hip alignment, which affects the back, and in turn the shoulders. Just like the old song goes, “The hip bone’s connected to the_____bone”, and so forth. It’s the domino affect. Add to this a moderate load, and it speeds the process. Heavy loads can do serious damage in seconds.

Another problem with poor form and technique is the producing of bad habits. If one begins with poor form and technique, it generally goes downhill from there. I account all injuries to five categories:

1) Lack of proper warm-up and/or cool down

2) Lack of proper stretching,

3) Improper form and/or technique

4) Direct unforeseen accidents

5) Fatigue/Illness. As you gather from this equation, seventy-five percent of all injuries are preventable. Look around you at the gym. Keep your eyes on a piece of equipment many people use, such as the leg extension. Watch how each person uses the machine, interesting. Ditto the free weight area.

Once a habit is formed, it’s harder to break than learning correctly to begin with. If you’re new to a sport, athletic endeavor, or fitness program, be sure to take the time to master the basics. Ask someone who’s knowledgeable to take a look at what you’re doing before you begin adding weight, distance, height, etc.

One can be in the fitness field for decades, and they are no different than the beginner when beginning a new program, they must master the basics. There are no short cuts, my friends.


1. Your body is much happier when it is in alignment. 2. Your skeletal frame can do its job efficiently, and effectively. 3. It improves your posture. 4. It creates symmetry.

5. Creates balance. 6. Spreads tension across skeletal frame most efficiently. 7. Allows you to carry heavier loads. 8. Allows you to carry heavier loads, farther. 9. Keeps primary and opposing muscle groups in balance. 10. Decreases your odds of injury, significantly. 11. Feels better when executing the movement. 12. Looks better when executing the movement. 13. Allows for greater Range of Motion (ROM), which can increase your strength up to 20%! 14. Saves you time and money in the long run.


If you experience aches and pains other than the norm after your workouts, or pain that keeps popping up in the same area time after time, go back to the basics of the exercise, equipment, sport, etc., you’re involved in, in regards to that specific area, and examine your habits when executing various movements. Begin with the basics again, it will be worth your time.

You’re form and technique carry over into every area of your life, whether you realize it or not. You could be carrying boxes, pulling hose, throwing heavy artillery, or simply toting your toddler day after day. How you practice, is how you will train. How you train will determine your habits of movement. Your habits of movement will, in large part, determine your level of potential injury.

Begin at the start with good habits. If you notice poor habits along the way somewhere, stop and correct them, no procrastinating.

Contact TIGHT BODY today for all your Health and Fitness needs:

- Training: Personal and Group - Personalized Meal Plans - Fat loss - Body Fat Testing

- Natural Health Consultations - Life Coaching and more! (385) 495-4416


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