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Gimmicks... don't buy into them!

“You’ve seen one gimmick, you’ve seen them all” - Terrell Suggs

"Eat these Five Foods and Lose Your Body Fat"

"Click on the Physique you Like

and we'll tell you What Supplements to take to get It"

"Lose 1-2 lbs. a Day with HCG Drops"

I just love headlines like these. Leading yet more and more Americans astray. Take a pill. Take some drops. Seriously?


Too many people are in a quiet state of desperation while struggling with their weight. When are we going to learn that what you see, hear, and read about everything, is....

MARKETING |ˈmärkiti ng | noun the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising - Including BS!

There's plenty of mighty good marketers out there. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to notice how strongly marketing is geared towards 'Holidays', and when there isn't a holiday close enough 'Seasonal' items will be targeted.

In the wake of the post-holiday general weight gain aftermath, many people find themselves struggling to lose the weight. They hear about how 'so and so' lost an incredible amount of weight fast, and they want to hear all about it. People are always looking for a shortcut.

Anything worthwhile is going to take effort, dedication, focus, persistence, sacrifice and work!!!


Nothing has changed folks. Losing body fat is a matter of eating lean, clean, whole foods, exercising, drinking plenty of water daily to keep your body flushed out, and above all a 'Can Do' state of mind. 'Try to' doesn't cut it. 'Want to' doesn't cut it. Forget the pills, drops, gadgets you see on television, and severely restricted diets. Walk, run, climb, swim, push, pull, jump, skip, pedal, lift boxes, barrels, rocks, cans, small and large objects, heck, lift and carry people around...your kids will LOVE it!

My kids love to pick me up and carry me around, seriously. It all started when my daughter, Chantelle, who was five at the time asked me, "Mom, can I try picking you up?" "Sure", I said. I stood trying not to laugh at the thought of this little girl trying to pick me up. I laughed even harder when she did it!! Then she wanted to do it again, and again, and again. It wasn't long before she started taking a few steps while holding me up around the legs. By eight years, she would pick me up and carry me down the hallway round trip, on her back....yep, all for FUN!. A few years later, she offered to carry her Uncle who stands six feet minimum and weighed roughly 186, down the hallway. She did it, and then she carried him down the stairs!


The point I want to make here is how natural using our body really is. All the added gidgets and gadgets? I'll admit, I like a run on the treadmill come winter when roads are cold and icy. Ditto a stationary bike, ARC trainer, etc., the type of gidgets and gadgets I'm talking about are the ones you find advertised on television for just three easy payments of $14.99. Don't waste your time or money! Man evolved many a decade by good old fresh air, sunshine, healthy attitude, diverse terrain, and chores to boot. Be creative!


Nothing is perfect except imperfection. Do what you like. Eat reasonable portions, read labels, honestly, if you're eating clean enough there really won't be much reading involved, but if you're looking at man made items, READ EVER SO CAREFULLY.


Step out of your box. Then jump on and off your box. Then throw your box as far as you can. Then load your box with rocks and carry it for a few miles, run home with it, lift it overhead several times, set it down and squat on it a few hundred times, next, tie a rope around it, and pull it around the block, push it up a hill, then...and only then, my friend, you may sit on it and begin doing leg lifts, crunches, push-ups, step-ups, and cart wheels over the top. When you've had all the fun you possibly could have, sit next to your lovely box and drink your protein shake, enjoy the view, breath in all that fresh air, and clear your mind. Refreshing? Indeed!

You've got the idea, now run with it, literally.

Forget about the marketing, listen to your inner voice.


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