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Jill’s Recipe for Success in 2019

The New Year has started…. how’s your goals coming along? How’s your excitement level? Motivation? Drive? Determination?

Like the old saying goes… If you keep doing the same things you’ve always done, you can expect the same results. People tend to fear and hate change. It’s common sense that you must change your self, your habits, and your routines to change your life and get the results you desire. Hell, you may even have to change the people you’re hanging around with, end your marriage, move to a different state or get a new job.

The questions is….


I love when people come to me for a Meal Plan and they have many, many questions… but these aren’t questions they are asking to learn from, they’re questions asked in an interrogation like manner… under the guise of ‘I just want to know if this is a good fit for me’, or something similar. Questions are asked about the types of foods on the Plans and many comments such as ‘I eat clean’, ‘I don’t eat sugar’, ‘Dairy upsets my stomach’, ‘I eat vegetables’, and so forth…. very picky about much of what they eat yet when I take their STATS they’re either borderline obese or are obese. Like how does that happen when you eat ‘clean’, don’t eat sugar, yada, yada….

Or in answer to the question about foods they cannot tolerate the have listed: vegetables, dairy, eggs, meat

I let them know straight up “The more limitations you place on your diet, the less choices you will have, less variety, and your tastebuds may tire of it, not to mention nutritional needs may need to be supplemented due to all the restraints and lack of choices due to eliminating whole foods groups”.

And so it is in life. If one is ‘set’ in their ways and insist on keeping the same habits, routines, eating patterns, etc., they may very well experience the same results… a lack of variety, their life may seem to grow dull, stale and stagnant but to change of the routines and habits? No, no, no.

Yes, one must be willing to experience change to experience results towards their goals and that change starts with you. Take it seriously and it can change your life.

One of the first things people ned to do if they want to reach their goals is be honest with themselves. Second, be willing to make changes and third, be willing to do what it takes to reach their goal(s), if it means that much to them.

Here’s my suggestions for reaching your goals in 2019. It’s brought many of my athletes/clients great results once they were ready to cut the BS and get real. The truth about goals is it takes a good amount of time to evaluate, decide and create a plan for your goals. Life is short folks. Take the time necessary to do some serious evaluation on what really matters to you in life and what you truly want to accomplish in several different areas and on several different levels.

I encourage each of you to take time within the next week to seriously set aside a good couple hours to contemplate three specific areas. If you cannot manage two or three hours in one sitting, then I suggest taking an hour this afternoon, and hour tomorrow morning and another hour (if you need it), tomorrow afternoon, or evening.

The three areas of consideration you will need to be knowledgable with to guarantee your success with your resolution/goals in 2019 are:

  • Your successes in 2018 and what worked for you

  • What you would do differently if you had a chance to do 2018 over again

  • What you clearly want to accomplish, succeed at and work towards in 2019

It’s wise to take an accounting of ones self, environment and life to evaluate where you’ve been the past year. With proper evaluation one can further clarify much about themself and life as a whole, which allows for a clear direction on the path to 2019.

Take a good look at who you’ve become in 2018. Did you change at all? Have you grown? If so, where at? Financially? Spiritually? Intellectually? Emotionally? Where else?

What brought that growth? Did you set goals and take initiative? Or did your growth come as the result of challenges you encountered? If so, we these challenges ones you chose for yourself or those thrusted upon you by ‘life’?

What new habits did you develop in 2018? Why? Are they habits that are working for you? What benefit do/did you receive from them?

What’s the most profound lesson you learned in 2018? What did you learn about yourself? About your job/career? Your home and work environment? Your relationship with your significant other? Relationships in general?

What have you learned about your body at the end of 2018? Have you taken good care of it? Have you given it daily exercise? Fed it the best you could? Kept it hydrated and flushed daily with clean water? Have you allowed it the rest/sleep it needs to do its internal work, keep you healthy, keep your brain functioning at peak performance, to recharge, repair and allow it to get up in the morning feeling refreshed? Have you dressed it properly for the weather and protected it from the elements? Have you kept it clean? From the inside-out? Fed yourself with positive self-talk and thoughts?

What do you think?

From my experience, working with others for several decades now, the majority of people fail, give up, quit, and give in to their ‘old’ self, habits and vices (perhaps, otherwise known as their comfort zone), because they have not taken the necessary time to contemplate the above as I have listed, instead, they take the New Year lightly, make what they call ‘New Year’s Resolutions and Goals’, and then go about them mindfully for a time (roughly 8-10 weeks), then those resolutions and goals somehow become something to do when it’s convenient. For some, they hope no one remembers what their resolutions/goals were because they know deep down inside they’ve already given up on them, and in turn themselves. Maybe this has been you? Too busy to sit down and think about these things are you? Silly? Doesn’t work? I can guarantee you it surely does.

Life, my friends, is much too short to dilly-dally around. Resolutions/Goals that are seriously thought out, mapped out, planned out and executed on an ongoing daily basis are sure to succeed.

So, do you want to change your life in 2019? Or do you want to spend the next year going about your life day by day, haphazardly, hoping for the best, blaming life for all your perceived misfortunes and lack of accomplishing anything of significance?

The choice is yours, you make it each day before your feet even hit the floor. Fortune, fame, wealth, health, accomplishments are not served up brought upon silver platters now, are they? No, no, no, one must do the work!

If one is afraid of the effort, time, patience, energy and resources it will take to become who they desire to become, live the life they desire to live, and achieve what they desire to achieve, not only in the next year but throughout the course of their lifetime, then they have increased their chances of failure by 100%.

So, as you decide what’s most meaningful to you to become, achieve and succeed at in 2019, plan ever so carefully, because you will be working hard at it, every-single-day.

Now, should you come to find in the course of time during 2019 that you are growing greatly unhappy doing the work, then you have just discovered you’ve chosen the wrong thing! That’s right. I’ll tell you why this is, because when one has chosen the correct thing(s) for 2019, they wake up with a bounce in their step and look forward to doing the work!

Our emotions are powerful. When ones emotions turn from positive to negative, excitement to boredom, happiness to unhappiness, the case is closed unless higher caliber emotions can be called forth once again. If they cannot, it’s clearly time to abandon the goal, as your heart and mind were not as excited about it as you thought they were. Don’t waste your precious time pursuing what’s not working for you.

It’s okay to shift goals from time to time, in fact, sometimes it’s necessary.

However, the goals that have you excited each day, bring you happiness (think long run here, not instant gratification), are your Golden Nuggets and will bring you ten fold what you put in, so by all means… put in the work!

This brings me to the next reason why people fail themselves, lack of faith. FAITH, yes faith, my friends. It’s not a religious thing. It’s a key element that serves one well when exercised daily, backed by its other half called, TRUST.

Working with clients and athletes through the decades, I learned there is far too much negative self-talk going on, too much ‘self-bashing’, both mentally and verbally. The words you speak are powerful. The words that roll forth from your tongue are digested on another level (another conversation, entirely), and will either thrust you forward to greatness, or keep you pinned down. Choose your words carefully.

My clients/athletes know my Rule of Three Law and it changes people’s lives. What’s the Rule of Three Law? Whenever you catch yourself thinking or saying anything negative, particularly about yourself, you must say three genuine things you like, admire, are proud of, appreciate, etc., about yourself out loud.

Start being your own cheerleader, no one else is there cheering you on at the break of dawn, is there? No one else is congratulating you on your hard work, efforts and successes at the end of each day, is there? Then you’ve got to do this for yourself. You’ve got to start believing in yourself and your ability to not only do hard things, but also to endure for the long run.

Now, I know this isn’t your typical ‘New Years’ goal setting rah-rah, but then again I’m not your typical Health & Fitness Professional.

I’m keeping this raw, relevant and real for you.





There you have it, the foundation for proper goal setting. If you want even further clarity and direction to nail things down, make an appointment with me and we can personalize your goal setting content so you’re using your time each day wisely, to your fullest advantage and see quicker results!

I wish you all a very prosperous, enlightening, empowering, carefully designed 2019!!

Follow my Recipe for Successful Goal Setting throughout 2019 and shoot me an email with your successes throughout the year, I would surely love to hear from you and the successes will surely come.

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