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The Warrior Within

“All right, they’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us. They can’t get away this time!” — Lewis Burwell


Yes, the Warrior Within. I believe each of us, to some degree, carries within us the Warrior Spirit. When I say this, I'm not referring to battle warriors who are setting out for war in a physical way, rather I'm referring to the Spirit that resides within the Warrior. However, we can certainly liken battle warriors going to war, to everyday situations we as a people, and society, face. Yes, face. Warriors stand up and face what's coming their way, plan the best strategy possible for the time available, and make do with the provisions on hand, take confidence in their plan (or mission if you will), and press forward, not looking back. No "Could have's, Should have's". It is the doubter within each of us that wants to run, to deny, leave it to someone else, or plain give up, that sets the dividing line between Warrior and Coward.


Doubt is a demon. Doubt will take you off the path to your chosen, longed for goals faster than an Air Force jet flying though the sky. Doubt weakens, destroys, causes low self-esteem, low self-confidence, runs from responsibility, and if left unattended, will run every aspect of your life, leaving you with nothing but lingering moments of pure satisfaction here and there. I believe doubt is a tool of the devil. He uses it among susceptible individuals. He looks for those who haven't yet chosen to stand their ground, and see what they are made of.


A Warrior is someone who shows great vigor, courage, and aggressiveness, when necessary. A Warrior displays characteristics of power, confidence, accomplishment, integrity, and honor. You say you want to be a Warrior? You say you are a Warrior? Perhaps you are. Congratulations, as this means you have paid your dues, and continue to do so, as the way of the Warrior is hard work, long hours, many trials, tribulations, heartaches, and from such experiences arise the growth and education necessary for the Warrior to learn. Few there be who can truly endure the path of a Warrior.


Many things keep people from the Warrior Within. First, and foremost, I believe an individuals greatest challenge is the basic concept of having faith in ones self. Trusting in ones self, and ultimately... being true to ones self. You know if you are true to yourself. What do you choose to do when no one is looking? What do you choose to do with your 'spare time'? What are the the thoughts you think? How do you spend your money? Hell, even how you earn your money, all tell something about yourself. People who are true to themselves go to bed at night, sleep, and sleep well. Those who are not true to themselves do not, and will not ever have, peace of mind as the Warrior does. One cannot live in contradiction to themselves, it's Universal Law, my friends.

Many people find it's easier to go see a movie (Thus taking them out of reality for awhile), then face what they need to face. People tend to eat, entertain themselves, cater to addictions, and do anything possible to keep them from becoming a Warrior, or allowing the Warrior Within to manifest itself. I call this self-sabotage. Don't get me wrong, entertainment is great, let's just not let it replace more important items on our life's agenda. People fear growth, change, and loss of control, yet these are the very tools a Warrior must use to move forward in life. Once a person discovers these keys, life changes, so long as they are willing, ready, and can let go of fear.

"The biggest challenge a person will ever face in life, is them self." Jill Nix

DO NOT BE DECEIVED There are many warriors amongst us: Cancer survivors, military survivors, survivors period. Survivors of anything and anything you could ever imagine. These are the people who have given up blame. They have given up excuses. They have given up reasoning. They have learned to 'let go', to receive, to believe, to fester up from within an undeniable power greater than anything they've ever experienced, and walk with it. They have chosen to humble themselves, give, teach, and live from their hearts. They have been to hell and back, have allowed themselves to learn from it, grow from the experience, and live their lives accordingly.


No one can judge. We all go through hard times. Some thrive and come out that much stronger, others wilt and we never see, nor hear, from them again. The way of the Warrior is a sacred experience. Life is a sacred experience. May we walk each day with faith unwavering, and trust that we are equipped to handle whatever we need to handle. May we learn from one another. May we never judge another, as we have not walked in his, or her, shoes. May we each have the strength, commitment, and dedication to walk the way of the Warrior. May we pause to assist those who need our help, encouragement, and steady hand, when they may be experiencing a moment of weakness.

I challenge you to look up vigor, courage, (healthy) aggressiveness, power, confidence, accomplishment, integrity, and honor. Write their meanings down. Memorize them, if being a Warrior is important to you. Decide where your weak points are, strengthen them. Decide where your strong points are, utilize them. Most importantly...DECIDE.You see, you must take action on what you believe in. You must weave it into your everyday life. You must be active in it's growth, as no one can do this for you, but you yourself.

May we each have the strength to stand tall, decide, commit, and follow through

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