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Destructive or Constructive Thinking

When we worry, fear, harbor and nurture feelings or thoughts that are of a base level, we cannot expect progress, enlightenment, nor freedom to break free from our own self-limiting boundaries.

People tend to focus much on their weaknesses, and what they believe they 'don't' have. This is extremely self-limiting.

Realization: We can only build from that in which we have.

Therefore: It is wise to focus your perspective on that which you have to work with. Be grateful for that in which you have. Build therefrom.

If you find yourself lacking materials from which to build, begin gathering them. Learn how to use them. Learn the skills that will best assist you in your area of interest. Focus, and think on these things.

Today's Challenge: Any time you find your thoughts or actions going someplace 'off your path', simply reign them in, and immediately redirect them in a way which will serve you.

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