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1 a man of honor: integrity, honesty, uprightness, ethics, morals, morality, principles, high principles, righteousness, high-mindedness; virtue, goodness, decency, probity, character, good character, scrupulousness, worth, fairness, justness, trustworthiness, reliability, dependability. ANTONYMS unscrupulousness, dishonor.

2 a mark of honor: distinction, recognition, privilege, glory, kudos, cachet, prestige, merit, credit; importance, illustriousness, notability; respect, esteem, approbation. ANTONYMS disgrace.

3 our honor is at stake: reputation, name, good name, good credit, character, esteem, repute, image, standing, stature, status, popularity.

4 he was welcomed with honor: acclaim, acclamation, applause, accolades, adoration, tributes, compliments, salutes, bouquets; homage, praise, veneration, glory, reverence, adulation, exaltation; dated laud. ANTONYMS contempt.

5 she had the honor of meeting the First Lady: privilege, pleasure, pride, joy; compliment, favor, distinction. ANTONYMS shame.

6 military honors: accolade, award, reward, prize, decoration, distinction, medal, ribbon, star, laurel.

7 dated she died defending her honor: chastity, virginity, maidenhead, purity, innocence, modesty; archaic virtue, maidenhood.

HONOR: It is worth the effort to live an honorable life. As you can plainly see, honor has at least 90 characteristics, traits, skills, or blessings that fall directly under it. HONOR.

Some take honor seriously, others do not. Either way, their belief is quickly made manifest in, and throughout, their life. Perhaps, there are areas where one is most honorable, and other areas where it can be completely lacking.

Strange indeed.

When one, particularly one seeking Warrior-hood or Success, fails to appropriately address the facets of HONOR, they fall short. One could very well spend an entire lifetime learning to master these characteristics, traits, and skills. The ones who succeed inevitably find success.

Think for a moment, how different the world would be if HONOR was honored in politics alone. Amazing, right? Now, think about HONOR in large corporations, and the world of business, and finance (think Wall Street).

How would ‘Hollywood’ and entertainment in general, be different if HONOR was honored. Crazy different, right? Think about it, the only movies, etc., we’d have to choose from would be those with healthy morales, clean language, thought provoking themes, and that which provides healthy intellectual stimulation, instead of stimulation of base properties. Imagine how this alone could change the crime rate?

Even the medical field would be drastically changed by HONOR. Think of how many more lives could be saved, and prolonged in good health with HONOR in place, funny right? Not.

What about HONOR in the educational system? This in itself would change collegiate and professional sports playing field.

I’m sorry to say that lack of honor has brought this world as a whole, to a sad place. I believe HONOR is so important, so powerful, that it literally can change the world. When I look at all the above areas, what I believe we’re witnessing is not only a lack of honor, but an utter plan to remove it from society altogether. Yes, ever so subtle, year by year, values are degraded, and before you know it….. we look back and think, “Holy Hannah, that’s a PG or PG13 movie?” As people, we grow dull watching and listening to this sixth grade level material. Yes, studies show that most t.v. programming and movies are at a sixth grade level. I do not doubt it. Watching the news the other day, the ‘news professionals’ were acting like they’ were in grade school.

Imagine if America had a court system that was solely for the purpose of ruling on HONOR. That in and of itself, would take care of a great deal of the unemployment problem.

Why do I bring this up? Because if you desire to live a satisfying life, full of accomplishment in the true sense of the word, then you must embrace HONOR.

There is no visible court where your HONOR is on trial, evaluated, and so forth, but internally, there is, and it is up to each one of us to honor it. I always say, “Pay now, or pay later, as you will surely pay one way or the other.” Meaning, pay now by exercising and staying fit, or pay later with poor health, and medical bills. Pay now by putting the effort into your goals, or pay later with regret.

Pay now by living a life of HONOR, or pay later, sadly, in more ways than you could ever imagine.

What we can do is live with HONOR in our own lives, families, workplaces, and well, basically, wherever we go, there shall be HONOR. Who is the most honorable person you know? We all love an honorable person, and their example rubs off on all around them.

We cannot change others, but we can change ourselves. This is a great blessing!!!!!! Cease it! No, you will not Master these characteristics, traits, and skills overnight, but you can make progress with any one of them, on any given day.

90 areas. Make one of them your goal for a week, you’ll be busy for a year and a half. It is said, to Master something, we must put in 10,000 hours of devoted, focused attention to it. That’s 1,250 eight hour days, which is roughly 3.5 years working at it 7 days a week. To master all 90 would take an individual 315 years, or basically, 3 lifetimes for an ultra healthy person to accomplish. This is why we take things one day at a time. One thought at a time, one decision at a time, one response at a time. Good thing is, this is how humans operate naturally, one at a time. You cannot give two answers at the same time now, can you?

So, let’s be reasonable. You will live, theoretically, to the ripe old age of 105. This means you can choose 30 of these qualities to master within your lifetime, beginning before you’re able to speak, hahaha!

Okay seriously, choose from 10-20 of these qualities you desire to possess, that will pay you back 100 fold. 10 if you’re 55 years or older. 20 if you’re 30 years old. Anywhere in between if you are aged anywhere in between. This is if you want to Master them.

Choosing one a week doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

Now, looking at it this way. You can basically pick apart ANY goal you have, and break it down into manageable pieces.

You can also spot the importance of TIME, and of USING IT WISELY. Plan, fill, and execute every single one of your days, WISELY. Eliminate the trash. Eliminate the drainers. Eliminate the petty things. You have no time for such things.

Eliminate negative thinking. Judgement. Harshness. Envy. Jealousy, and any other emotions that are a waste of your time and energy. This includes sporting events, television, internet, and social media. I’m not saying these things are bad, I’m just saying use them to YOUR benefit, and not the other way around.

You need to free up as much energy as possible to live your life with MEANING.

Think positively. Stay focused. Help others in any way you can along your path, but not to the point where others depend on you as a crutch, or it steers you away from your own life, and desires.


Begin today. Choose something from the abundant list above and implement it into your life starting today. Do this each day of your life. You can’t afford not to.


  • Honor is doing the hard thing, (because it is the right thing), even though the easy thing is right in front of your face, and no one would know the path you chose.


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