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Hi Team!

Long time. I have been away for a bit, and now feel like I am just about caught up (with the exception of athlete’s). I have just about everyone lined up, and ready to roll with a few exceptions. Please, contact me asap if I’ve somehow overlooked you, or you don’t have an appointment set yet.

Where have I been? I refer to it as a Modernized Vision Quest, and anyone who knows anything about a Vision Quest knows it involves much quiet time, solitude, contemplation, and a host of many other wonderful attributes that are unique in nature. Nature plays a key role in this quest. Herbs are plentiful, fresh air is invigorating, and walking barefoot delightful. It is a choice opportunity. It allows the mind and body to heal, restore, and the heart to soar. Gratitude is limitless, and everything Divine.

Everyone….. to take time for a Quest! Do not wait until your health awakens you to this call, take advantage of any opportunity you have, and Go For It!!!!

This holds especially true for this day and age of both modern technology (please watch),

as well as busy schedules. When we are all busy from morning to night, taking care of daily needs, necessities, and responsibilities, it can lead to a shallowness of one’s creativity, thoughts, business endeavors, relationships, and virtually every area of life, including life itself. Consider the issue to be doubled when one is also lacking sleep on a regular basis.

Take advantage of this wonderful summer weather. Take a Friday or Monday off (or both!), and head for the hills, the mountains, forest, beach, woods, sand dunes, cliffs, you name it…… get there, and go Zen baby!


I know I’ve shared this link before, but it’s so good, I’m sharing it again. He says it all in one minute:

Have a great week!!!

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