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This is the last segment of ‘What’s It Worth To You?” Segment I brought to awareness there is a price to be ‘paid’, for anything one truly desires, and seeks to achieve. In Segment II, I covered Sacrifice, bringing to awareness that whether we desire something or not, we are sacrificing daily, regardless. I also spoke about conscious daily sacrifice, and non-conscious daily sacrifice. In this last segment, I’d like to expand on the non-conscious sacrifice(s) a person makes.


As we see in the visual above, the scale is definitely tipped. In today’s model, the plate that is tipped is not filled with a goal, a desire, or an idea one wishes to create, nor is anything placed in the opposite plate.

Today’s model is based on non-conscious sacrifice. Contained on the plate that is tipped, is an artificial reality, created solely by non-conscious sacrifice. Today’s lesson is a critical one to not only learn, but to be able to recognize as night, and day. By the end of this newsletter, I believe you will know why this lesson is so important.

Have you ever witnessed the gradual decline of an alcoholic? What starts off as a teenager (whether curious, tempted, or dared), taking their first sip of booze, ever so subtly turns their life upside-down. What gave them some good laughs the first time around, was non-consciously (sacrificed), repeated, for more laughs. As the individual began being confronted with the stresses of life, they continued to non-consciously drink, as a coping mechanism.

Yes, they were sacrificing their health, time, and resources to support this coping mechanism which turned into a habit after the first year. Next thing you know, the individual is drinking to cope with anything and everything. In fact, the only reality they choose to be in, is their false reality, they non-consciously created. As soon as they sober up, they have anxiety, fear going to work, and avoid relationships, and communicating with others, at all costs.

Now, the only reality they really experience is their false reality. Their false reality is their comfort zone, they can stay there for days, no need to eat for days, or even sleep for that matter. In other words, their non-conscious daily sacrifices are now costing them their health, time, money, vital resources, relationships, opportunities for growth, and life itself. This, my friends, is a mighty high price to pay for nothing!!!!! Absolutely, nothing!!!!

Let’s not stop there though, as there are many other false realities that are created through non-conscious daily sacrifice, and these are behind them:

  • Drugs (prescription, street, or over the counter… they are all drugs)

  • Pornography

  • Sex

  • Tobacco

  • Gambling

  • Food

  • Soda

  • Sugar

  • Shopping

  • Busyness (yes, busy, busy, busy…. doesn’t mean productive, just means paddling their rowboat with one oar, in circles, appearing to work hard, but going nowhere = unproductive = non-conscious sacrifice.

The list can go on, but these are the obvious ones. Anything can become a non-conscious vice. For instance, growing up I watched my grandmother sit by the tube everyday to watch hours of soap operas!!!!!! I loved her dearly, but even at a young age, it made no sense to me why someone would watch a fake (false reality) show, with so much drama, when they could just as easily produce anything they wanted in life, for them self, for real.

As you will find anything can turn into a vice, robbing one of their life, and opportunities. This leads us to where these false realities go, to addiction. No one likes to believe they are addicted to anything. Wake up. Are you addicted to training? To having a certain physique? What’s your drive behind your efforts, what’s your intent? Is it keeping you in a false reality? Just throwing this out there, because false realities are very real.

Question everything you do. Why do you choose to do it? Are you doing the same thing for the same reasons that you were a year ago? Ten years ago? Don’t live life on auto-pilot my friends. Chart the course, take the wheel, and live life consciously.


The tipped scale thus represents the false reality (addiction/sacrifice), one has created for them self. They have NO intention on placing anything in the opposite tray, as they are sure their false reality IS where it’s at for them. No one, absolutely no one, can convince them otherwise, however, when others look into the life of such an individual, it is evident they are in trouble.


Universal Law requires balance in ALL things. We can either make daily conscious sacrifices and objectively view our decisions and direction daily, or non-consciously sacrifice. Either way we are sacrificing daily.

When an individual is living such an unbalanced life, the Universe inevitably reaches a point where balance must come into play. This is generally when one experiences something tragic, traumatic, some type of life altering event: major illness, injury, they cause the death of another, overdose, etc.

The event is of such magnitude, that the individual must come OUT of their false reality, period. There simply is no other option. They are tried, and sorely tested. All the lessons in life they thought they were able to avoid come to greet them, tenfold. This is when man wishes death upon himself, when he realizes he didn’t get away with anything, and must now cope with everything.

As the individual begins to get their bearings, they begin looking around them, at self, and their choices, and start to realize what they thought was insurmountable is now bearable. As time goes on, they look back and it is apparent to them how lost they really were, how much time, money, relationships, jobs, opportunities, and life itself they allowed to non-consciously slip by. The sacrifice becomes very real, apparent, and undeniable.

Once a person has experienced this, they generally make a firm resolve to change, and make up for lost time, money, relationships, and so on.

Now, be honest, have you ever had one of these wake-up calls? I sure have!!!! Each and every time, what began as a simple thing, even beneficial, slowly but surely became out of balance. Had I heeded the promptings I quickly silenced within, I could have avoided much pain and confusion.

When something tragic happens, you have been warned many times, well ahead of the event, but you weren’t listening, didn’t want to listen, or perhaps, thought you knew better than what that gut feeling was telling you.

Learn to listen. Observe your life, relationships, interests, hobbies, how you spend your time, energy, and resources.

I met with an associate today, a doctor who was struck by a full size truck while riding her bike. She was training for her first Ironman. She had completed several half events, but it’s been her goal to do a full Ironman. She is fortunate to be alive, the entire left side of her body was crushed, both lungs collapsed, and other significant injuries. In the hospital for a month. It happened nearly four months ago, and she was in a wheel chair today as we spoke. When events such as these happen, one generally has much time to contemplate life.

I talked to her about the Universe bringing things into balance, when one is not willing to do it on their own. She looked at me very matter-of-factly, and said,

“Yes, that’s exactly what happened. I was so busy getting up early to train, saw patients all day, put miles on the bike after work, and juggled time with spouse, and kids, and other responsibilities.”

I asked her what she’s learned from the experience, she said,

“I’ve discovered how much my kids have been missing me. They need their mom. They look forward to coming home and finding me there. They enjoy talking with me and sharing what’s on their mind.”

“This was my third attempt at doing a full Ironman. The first time (my apologies, I do not remember exactly what she said, but she encountered a severe injury), the second time, I hit a pitch of gravel while cycling and went airborne, and broke my pelvis. Now, this. I think someone is trying to tell me this isn’t as important to accomplish as I think it is.”


This is a lesson to learn the easy way. Look, and analyze what you are doing, and why you are doing it, regularly. Be honest with yourself, and if you see someone in trouble, give them a heads up out of concern, it is up to them what they choose to do with it, but wouldn’t you want someone to do the same for you?

Choose those daily sacrifices consciously.

Have a wonderful week!!!!!


PS-Ladies and Gents:

Keep your questions and requests coming in, as I will cover each and every one of them. I have not forgotten any of them, they are kept on my ‘Topics’ list.

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