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Sacrifice Everything Comes at a Price: Part II

This week I’d like to extend the topic of ‘WHAT’S IT WORTH TO YOU?’, specifically in the area of sacrifice.

Imagine, if you will, your life and what you desire in your life, be it better health, a fit physique, a more efficient cardiovascular system, to a new vehicle, job, home, business venture, or writing your first book, becoming a parent, and so forth, in the visual placed above….. the scale.

When one ponders on what they would like to achieve, receive, or even believe, for that matter…. one can ponder day after day, week after week, year after year, and for some, spend an entire lifetime pondering and thinking about what ‘it’ would be like. Perhaps, they would also have a list of why ‘it’ just never seemed to happen.


When one has a GOAL, a DESIRE, an IDEA they wish to CREATE, they must place it in the plate, either side of the scale. Now, obviously by looking at the scale, it is ‘out of balance’. Again, good luck moving it with your mind, as it will NOT balance it back out.

YOU must place your SACRIFICE(S) in the opposite plate, until level once again. This is where it gets tricky: you may have a good idea what will bring it into balance, but you have no idea the duration, intensity, or obstacles which may enter the scene of life. Each of these: duration, intensity, and obstacles are all ever so subtly placed in the tray WITH your desired outcome, therefore, one must now adapt, and make further sacrifice to bring it into balance.

This continues for as long as you desire the ‘effects’ of your GOAL, DESIRE, or IDEA you wish to CREATE, for once it is not only reached, many desire to maintain the effects of reaching this goal. In other words, they want to store the treasure they worked so hard for in their back pocket for safe keeping. This will require further sacrifice, and constant adaptations.

The bright side is this:

The more you sacrifice with true (focused) intent, the greater the return. What started off as a sacrifice has slowly become the new ‘norm’, and is no longer considered a sacrifice, which allows one to continue adapting. This is growth. This is wisdom. This is the natural sequence of SUCCESS. There simply are no shortcuts.

Now, this is where many folks will give up on their GOALS, DREAMS, IDEAS, and the CREATIVE process. They simply planned their GOAL DREAM, IDEA, CREATION was going to happen on their time table, by their rules, and according to their, budget, and so on. They did not enter into their calculations the difficulties sprinkled about their path, relationships demanding attention, illness, injury, or so forth.

There goes 50% of the masses wanting to achieve greatness. The next 47% planned on those things, but planned on only so many of them, once they reached their quota it was time to unload the scale, it wasn’t worth it to them anymore. These are often referred to as the ones where success was literally within the next year for them, but because they did not endure, nor continue planning into the future, and adapting they figured it was time to place something ‘new’ on the scale, and start all over again. Maybe this time, they would lower the bar, their expectations, and so forth. You get the idea, they simply settle for less, so the price isn’t as high, and they feel it improves their chances of what they deem success.

The last 3% has endured. Was it easy? Heck no. Was it convenient? No. Did their loved ones stand around cheering them on, giving them ‘pep’ talks when the chips were down? Perhaps, on rare occasions.

The top 3% learn lessons that many others will not have the opportunity to learn until they desire to ‘push the envelope’, farther. They have learned true sacrifice. The giving up of what was good, for greater, and what was great, for outstanding, and outstanding for phenomenal. They suffered much along the way, and learned through the suffering. They also had amazing experiences and opportunities unfold as a direct result of their true intent. They literally, grew out of their old self, and into a new, and have much wisdom to offer the 97%, if they are interested.

Truth is, many are not interested in success, it’s just talk. Many enjoy the day to day pleasing of the senses, and would rather feed the senses then realize their dreams, their full potential, and true happiness.

This is when non-conscious sacrifice takes place. What most people don’t realize is eating a ‘typical’ American diet, is a sacrifice of health in the long term, and now-a-days, it seems to be catching up with people faster.

Depending on prescription drugs for many health issues that are related to diet (which 99.9% of them are), instead of feeding the body what it needs, makes one dependent in that system, with no incentive to do otherwise. This is a sacrifice, as well.

Spending 2 hours a day on a (or several) social media platform, may get one a large following in the online community, but they sacrifice that time they could be spending with family, forming real face to face relationships. This is a sacrifice.

Spending 2 hours a day watching television (which statistics show for many, it is much more than that), is a sacrifice of life itself.

Now, no one sits down with any of the aforementioned, with the intent to sabotage their life GOALS, DREAMS, IDEAS, and CREATIONS, they are simply looking to ‘relax’, or use them as a coping mechanism, a distraction to the stress in their life, and so on.

I’m not saying eating, social media, and television are ‘bad’, I’m just saying what I’ve said many times before…… one just needs to be sure they are using them to their benefit, and not non-consciously allowing it to steal their GOALS, DREAMS, IDEAS, CREATIONS, and even MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS away from them.


Each night this week before you fall to sleep, decide what TOP 3 things you want to accomplish the next day.

  • One of them must be towards a GOAL

  • One towards a RELATIONSHIP



Decide what you are going to sacrifice to allow each of those to be fulfilled.

It’s amazing what can be learned about focused intent, planning, and desire to improve upon life, in just one week, but conscious action must be taken.

BIG SHOUT OUT to TEAM TIGHT athlete’s who were willing to make sacrifices to be be in TIGHT’S fitness shoot yesterday!!!!!!

These are athletes who can testify to the sacrifice I have described throughout this newsletter. They range across the board: some were ready to throw in the towel at one point, others could not be paid to drop out.


They ALL succeeded!!!!! They each shinned yesterday, and we had a great time doing it. Were they prepared for an extra hours work? Heck no!!!!!! None of us were, but they were patient, kind, happy, and it was a pleasure both working with, and shooting with them. Yes, they all have kids, work, and deal with many of the same stresses you and I do. Was it a sacrifice? Yes, and I hope each and every one has learned along the way, grown as an individual, and take what they’ve learned to gain even further success in the future.

My apologies Team, I warned you anything goes when music is on, hahaha, sorry if any of you found my behavior offensive, but busting a move is healthy, too, lol.

You can check out some of the athletes at:!team-tight/kq1eh

In fact, browse the entire site, as there were many changes and updates made over the last week. Think carefully how time is spent, who and what is important to you, and what you personally desire to achieve.

Live Life Mindfully.


“The important thing is this: to be ready at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you could become.” - Charles Dickens

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