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Self-control and Self-discipline can be easily achieved on a daily basis by efforting to be 'Self-Correcting'.

1. Simply self-correct negative thoughts as they try to creep into your mind.

2. Self-correct emotions that bring you down and have no value to your long term and short term goals.

3. Immediately self-correct actions that will take you 'off the path', and keep you on your path.

NO ONE is can do this for you, but you. Sure, some good friends, and family members who see the value in your goals, might speak up and help you change channels, but ultimately, it is up to you.

This is why it's nearly impossible for one to progress when one harbors ill feelings, thoughts, and so forth, towards self, or others. Wishing one's negativity upon others still traps the one holding it. No good.

This is also why it's wise to help one another through challenges rather than watch and critique. When we help another to grow, we ourselves, grow, too.

It boils down to Divine Will vs. Self Will. It is one or the other, they do not co-exist. There is either the one or the other in play at all times. It is certainly possible for it to go back and forth as a tennis match, although, this is what brings one inner conflict, unsettlement, and inner turmoil. In other words, lack of Peace,

When society understands the value of the above, then we can work through issues together, having the same outcome in mind, what's best for everyone, rather than walk way from them due to a lack of understanding, from one or both parties.


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