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Just as the Ancient Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer has said,

“The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.” Archimedes

It’s competition season and athletes are in full swing to stay on top of their game. It’s also summer and a wonderful time to do photo shoots outdoors, as well as, take those summer vacations, get married, and on it goes.

The nation comes to life at the first sign of spring, and there is much hustling and bustling going on. The traffic grows heavy, long lines, crowded parks, the sound of a lawn mower or two can be heard humming away each day, people are out on their motorcycles, taking their atv’s off road, camping, fishing, hiking, biking, swimming, boating, water skiing, sight seeing, kids playing night games, running carefree through some sprinklers, peeps rock climbing, sky diving, going for their first glider ride, the screams of thrill can be heard from an amusement park a half mile away, park concerts, soccer and baseball games, people playing tennis, horseshoes, volleyball, the list goes on and on……

Then we have spring/summer house cleaning, garage cleaning, going through closets, drawers, and so forth finding what still fits our kids and what doesn’t getting them set for a new school year. There are vehicles that need maintenance, grass that needs mowing, flowers to water, a garden to plant and tend, weeds to pull, sprinklers to repair, flat tires needing attention, fruit trees to harvest, kids activities, laundry, not mention working for a living, exercising, and eating healthy!!!!!! Of course, this list can go on.

Are you feeling dizzy or overwhelmed yet?


Because I have many clients, both athlete’s and those involved in Life Coaching programs, as well as those learning how to grow and utilize herbs and natural remedies, for the health and well being of their families, that all have the same issue at one point or another…..


There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day, not enough hands, and many people, events, activities, and commitments demanding their time and attention.

Overwhelm sets in, despondency, depression, apathy and a general irritability towards life and those around them. True happiness begins to fade into the background, life becomes a chore, almost a military drill….. 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4……….

This is generally when a person will begin sleeping in, running late, eating haphazardly, exercise is not as enjoyable as it used to be, just getting exercise into the day leads to frustration. Whether the person be male or female, if they are a parent and they notice the kids, and overall household becoming an unpleasant place to be due to negativity, they can be sure the ‘disease’ is spreading like a wildfire.

It’s a double red flag if that person shows up to work and their co-workers are reflecting it as well, or are avoiding that particular person altogether. Not a good sign, and indeed a wake-up call to examine what exactly is going on in one’s life.

Just as I mentioned in last week’s newsletter about the ‘Peaks and Valley’s’ in one’s life, this is one area that if not consciously corrected, the individual can get so far off the path they could very well lose their job, watch their marriage fall apart before their eyes, and develop some nasty habits that further thwart progress to goals, and will use up more time, energy, and resources to deal in the process.



First off, chances are this is not the first time you have found yourself overwhelmed with responsibility, commitments, and so forth. Secondly, realize just as you worked your way through and out of the quicksand before, you can and will do it again.

As my Warriors well know, ‘Shit Happens’, and it’s how one handles that S%#! on every level of their being that will determine how much growth ultimately comes to the individual, the pace at which it is assimilated, cemented into one’s ‘Learning Library’, and then able to turn around and be of assistance to someone else.

  1. Realize you have a choice of the attitude with which you choose to deal with your responsibilities, commitments, and so forth.

  2. Realize the part you have played in creating your circumstances.

  3. Realize you are accountable and responsible for these circumstances.

  4. Understand your example is being both seen and felt by those around you for better, or for worse.

  5. Understand the manner in which you choose to handle your circumstances will have an effect on your health, both mental and physical.

  6. Circumstances in life will play out one way or another, why not take charge of such instead of allowing circumstances to run one’s life?


  1. Sit down and decide what the really important things and people are in your life and write them down.

  2. Next, make a list of what is currently taking up your time, energy and resources.

  3. Now make a list of your responsibilities and commitments.

  4. Finally, write down your Top Three Goals.

Now, examine these lists. Really examine them.

  1. Are all these things necessary?

  2. Can some of them be delegated to others, such as your children? Co-workers? You may even consider paying someone to take care of it for you; a locksmith, plumber, etc.

  3. Be honest with yourself. Are you a control freak? Do things have to be done your way? Do you find you feel as though you have to be in charge of A, B, C, D, etc.?

  4. Have your circumstances been brought about by poor time management? Poor spending? Committing to too much? Making unrealistic commitments? Over-planning? Not leaving yourself space to ‘breathe’ each day?

Begin to simplify lists 1, 2, and 3. This is well worth your time and effort. If you were a business owner would you just simply let your accountant run the books without looking in upon them and taking stock yourself?

Your life is much more important than keeping books, so make time to do it.


Time, energy, and resources vs. the people and things that are important in your life, and your Top Three Goals. It’s that simple!

Remember my newsletter on SACRIFICE? You are sacrificing every day!!!! Are your sacrifices being consciously made? If not, I guarantee you, you are wasting time, energy, and resources. Period.

Living a busy life that seems to literally consume you each day, is no different than training “Balls to the Walls”, each day. You are wearing yourself out, running perhaps on autopilot, and your end objectives (the things and people that really matter to you), are lost in the process. Is it really worth it?

Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly times in each of our lives where circumstances are such we must run double time, but to live like this day in and day out, with no measure of progress, is fruitless.

In my book (which is yet to be written, but is on it’s way), there are two types of busy:

  1. One in which consumes you and much is lost, wasted, and leaves one feeling unhappy, tired, hopeless, etc.

2. The other where the individual has consciously called the shots, and is busy

according to them, their goals, and the people and things that bring them

satisfaction and joy; which in return blesses all around them, and makes all

involved happier, their lives enriched, and sets them on the path for further


The choice is yours, please, do not allow yourself to be so busy as to not have time to make a logical choice. Life is too short. Live life to its fullest.

Although it’s important to move forward in one’s life strategically, it is also important to be flexible, and crucial to allow pockets of time for both spontaneity, and personal space with which to both evaluate your life and create that in which you desire, in your life.


You may find you need to simplify things at work this week, your training the next, meal plans the next, relationships the next…. life is ever changing and our personal needs and circumstances are such that one must become mindful and make conscious decisions on what to simplify, when to simplify, and know it is a process.

Simplifying has allowed my clients and athletes to be ‘stage ready’, with confidence, event ready with solid focus, fitness models to be ‘camera ready’, with peace of mind, calm nerves, and an aura about them that exudes contentment.

It has blessed mothers to be not only be calm in frazzling circumstances, but to take charge by knowing what they want out of life, what they desire for their children, and realize they do not have to ‘do it all’.

It has helped many men look forward to work, thrive in the areas corresponding to their goals, and go home to their families, and others, in a happy state of mind, having mastered the art of simplicity!

Children are able to learn this art by watching the adults in their lives make decisions and talk about them out loud, so the kids understand the process, the evaluating, weighing things out, and the outcomes of those decisions. They learn there are times to let go of things, and time to evaluate and change things up. Involve the children in the art of delegation. Children can learn to lead their lives without becoming control freaks. They can learn just as you and I, how to choose between good and better, better and great, and great and greater, and greater to phenomenal.

It’s a beautiful thing.

If I can be of assistance, please, contact me.

Have a wonderful, successful week!

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