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Many have searched for the ‘elixir’ of life, youth, and vitality. Some have found it, and keep it to themselves, others fall for everything and anything, as they begin to see age show, whether upon their skin, their physical performance, or mental capacities.

To understand aging, we must first understand, there are many facets to aging. Perhaps, it would be wise to break this information up into ‘digestible’ pieces.

Today, I will begin with a few simple science lessons:


  • Radiation

  • Compression

From birth to the age of forty, the human being is compressing. They are in a building, vital, progressively lively state of being. At the age of forty the human begins, what I refer to as, the ‘death cycle’. The body goes into a decompressing state, expansion is accelerated, and the body’s cells begin to both expand, and lose heat more readily.

Please, understand:

Upon birth, the body immediately seeks a state of ‘rest’, otherwise known as death. Upon death, the being is immediately seeking life. To better understand this concept, understand that to live requires continuous effort, and to die requires none. Of course, I’m sure you are already aware of this, as you must get out of bed to work for a living to support yourself and/or family, make food to ingest, seek shelter, and so forth. Living requires effort. Death does not, it will happen regardless, eventually.

One can liken this to health and fitness. When one stops training and stops mindfully eating, it doesn’t take long to see, and feel, the effects thereof. The body will naturally want to ‘soften up’, and quickly adapts to less activity, and more calories whether unhealthy or not. This alone teaches us that to be lean, as in striated, muscle mass, and low body fat, is not what the body considers ‘natural’, and it thus opposes it. The more often one wants to ‘lean down’, etc., the harder it generally becomes. The body will accommodate the individual more readily, however, if vital nutrients, and body chemistry are on track.


Radiation is a necessary part of living. Radiation produces the heat that is necessary for all life. We have a natural radiation both within, and without. This radiation is what warms us. The sun provides radiation, this is healthy so long as one does not subject themselves to it’s rays for a long period of time, thus heating up body tissue to unhealthy levels, if left in the sun for too long, those health rays turn to death rays.

You can liken this personal radiation to a tire. To air up (compress air into), the tire, requires effort. One cannot remove the tip and replace the cap without air escaping. Even when sealed, the air eventually seeps. This is what happens to our ‘personal radiation’, it is ‘contained’ to a point. Inside factors allow it to slowly expand, however, OUTSIDE factors play a crucial role in how fast our personal radiation expands, as well as, how much more radiation one is exposed to (taken into the system), thus causing much greater, and rapid expansion.

Radioactivity, on the other hand, is deadly. Radioactivity is generally caused by man; fracking, human experiments involving radiation on the public without its knowledge, power plants, reactors, medical equipment, devices, ‘therapies’, drugs, and so forth.




When we hear a person has died of ‘old age’, what we’re really hearing is the individual died by the natural process of radiation. This type of radiation is a slow death, it is part of the process of what we call life, and it is a natural process.

However, say an individual lived within 20 miles of Fukushima, or lived in an area where military was performing an experiment on the populace without their consent in regards to radiation, or say they had cancer and had radiation treatments done………

Well, any of the above causes ones cell’s and red blood corpuscles, to expand at an abnormal pace, thus hastening the death (aging) cycle. Expansion is aging/death.

When a nuclear bomb explodes, it literally heats up and expands those in the immediate area instantaneously. This is caused from massive, rapid, heat expansion.

Your first lesson then, is to understand that in which you surround yourself with, that radiates (unnaturally, as in manmade), is causing the body to expand abnormally, as well.

Cell phones, Wifi, television, power lines out front your home, cell towers nearby, and many of our modern day ‘conveniences’ are a two edged sword; they each carry with them expansion and accelerated aging/death. I also refer to this as hyper-aging, as it causes the rate of death to cells to accelerate by the heat at which it expands the cells.

This is why it is crucial one does not hold a cell phone straight to the head, rather get an earpiece, or turn on the speaker, and hold it away from you. If you really desire youth, vitality, and health, then carry a cell for emergencies only, take the battery out, and use a land line. Extreme? I think not. Face lifts? Botox? Yes, I think those to be extreme.

Do you:

  • Sleep with a cell phone near your bed?

  • Charge your cell phone near your bed while sleeping?

  • Carry your cell with you ‘on’, all day and night?

  • Talk on your cell while it’s charging, whether at home or in a vehicle? This is particularly damaging, as the phone emits much more radiation. Also, keep in mind ‘Smart Phones’ are much more damaging than an ‘old school’ phone.

  • Do you use blue tooth for music at home, or in your car?

  • Do you sleep with your computer on, near you?

  • Do you work on your laptop, iPad etc., while it’s charging?

  • Do you sleep in a room with a television? Large flatscreen?

Are you getting the idea? Why get a face lift or botox injections, or, or, or and then talk on your cell throughout the day with the phone up to the head? Counterproductive, but people do not realize this.


If you want the best, long lasting way to slow the natural radiation process down (hence aging/death), then take a look at your surroundings and make changes that will work for you.

I know, once we have cell phones, we can’t imagine life without one, ditto, iPad, television, etc. I’m just saying, realize these radioactive factors play a huge role in one’s health, and aging process, even impacting the length and quality of one’s life. I, therefore, feel it’s worthy of your consideration.

KEY #2


Compression can be held in ‘suspension’, or slowed, by simply making the above changes, this alone extends the life of cells, and so forth.

Compression is where the ‘daily’s’ come in:

  • organic produce

  • foods prepared correctly

  • clean water

  • clean body

  • yearly cleanses, and detox

  • healthy fats and oils

  • fresh air

  • sunshine

  • deep breathing forest air

  • laughter

  • love

  • peace and harmony

  • proper sleep and rest

  • exercise / activity

  • emotional intelligence: de-stressing through proper perspective

Stress, whether from extreme cold, to lack of sleep, improper eating, thinking, extreme physical work, etc., is also high on the list of accelerating the aging/death process. Eliminate stress.

I can add to this list, but I’m sure you understand. The above is like a daily ‘booster’, to one’s immune system, skin, hair, nails, organs, and so forth. This is where yes, life requires constant effort, but if one is going to make the effort, then why not give it one’s all? Teach this to your children.

This is wisdom.

Herein, radiation and compression, lies the answer to slowing much of the aging/death process.

The healthier the cell(s), the greater the resistance to viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, etc., that wear cells down and weaken them. Strong cells give one more energy, health, and vitality. The less exposure one’s cells to radiation, extreme heat, extreme cold, pollutants, chemicals, and so on, the better.


In other words, gravity is not to blame for ‘aging’, or what appears to be aging. The cause stems by what is penetrating the body from the outside to the inside… radiation, as in radioactivity, specifically.

To understand radiation a bit more, and to help you understand this concept easier, let’s look at uranium.

Uranium is a natural element found in the earth. It is a dead and decaying element. It is surrounded by other elements that all work in unison together for the ‘whole’, of the planet. These elements work synergistically.

Uranium is a naturally exploding element, however, not as you may regard it. It’s small, harmless, natural explosions beneath the ground, and in the earth, provide ‘pockets’ for oxygen, water, and so forth, to move about, and eventually rise to the surface to bring further life to the planet. This is natural.

What is unnatural, is when man removes uranium from it’s natural surroundings, thus removing it from it’s naturally synergetic elemental neighbors, rendering it deadly, as in extremely deadly. Uranium taken from it’s natural habitat, and ‘stored’, in reactors, plants, etc., simply cannot be done. It may appear as though it is contained, however, uranium naturally cannot be contained to a point where it is ‘safe’, in regards to human life. The only time uranium is safe for human life is when it’s in its natural, underground, habitat with elements neighbors.

Remember, the Universe will require balance in ALL things. Separation of uranium from the earth, and supposedly containing it, is definitely tipping the scale, just say’n.

Then you have radiation from the sun, this is natural also, but taken to extremes and it will heat the body up, and begin the heating and expanding of cells which equals death, premature aging, and so on.

Keep in mind, anything that heats the body up for a length of time, is accelerating both the aging, and death process.

I do not recommend sitting in dry sauna, ever.

I do not recommend sitting in a wet sauna unless you are very well hydrated to begin with, have a reason to sit in the heat (detox?), and depending on the temperature, stay for no longer than five minutes. There are exceptions to this, however, I will not go into it, at this time.

I do not recommend hot Bikram yoga, ever. I have friends who enjoy this greatly, and constantly want me to do it with them, no thank you!!! I’ve warned them of the dangers, but they insist on believing what the owners and instructors tell them about all the good it does for them. No folks, sitting in a dry room at 105 degrees for 1.5 hours is not healthy for the human body, let alone performing beginning-advanced yoga. This is acceleration of aging/death, and weakening of the body.

Heating up of the body tissues, cells, organs is not good for the body.

I hope you have learned some key things you can do to slow the aging process, and live a life of quality, vitality, and health.

Have a wonderful week!

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