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"Revere your senses; don't degrade them with drugs, with depression, with willful oblivion. Try to notice something new every day, Eustace said. Pay attention to even the most modest of daily details. Even if you're not in the woods, be aware at all times. Notice what food tastes like, notice what the detergent aisle in the supermarket smells like and recognize what those hard chemical smells do to your senses; notice what bare feet feel like; pay attention every day to the vital insights that mindfulness can bring. And take care of all things, of every single thing there is - your body, your intellect, your spirit, your neighbors, and this planet. Don't pollute your soul with apathy or spoil your health with junk food any more than you would deliberately contaminate a clean river with industrial sludge. You can never become a real man if you have a careless and destructive attitude, Eustace said, but maturity will follow mindfulness even as day follows night."

Author: Elizabeth Gilbert R.I.P. Eustace Mullins was a wise man.

It's here again. The holiday season begins with Halloween in just a few days. The stores have their 'goodies' everywhere, in every size, shape, and color imaginable. After Halloween, you'll find the same garbage intricately wrapped in 'fall' colors, just what we need, the same crap, different packaging, for Thanksgiving. If this isn't enough, you'll find the same trash elegantly wrapped the day after Thanksgiving, in festive Christmas colors. Same temptations, same unhealthy outcomes, year after year. It stays this way because of consumer ‘demand’, I say consumers should place their ‘demands’ elsewhere, perhaps, on issues affecting society, rather than the tastebuds.

Yes, I'm on one today, because every year we hear about the horrible 'cold and flu' season, flu shots are all the rave, and over the counter remedies are pushed on the public via store fronts, television ads, radio, etc., all "for our own good". REALLY? I mean come on. Labeling garbage as some type of food stuff, somehow makes it considered acceptable, allowed to be sold, and pushed in its own political way, at every location you can think of, and then for a remedy.... just buy over the counter drugs, get a flu shot, and miss a day or two of school or work. Interesting. If the government is so concerned for our health and well-being, why the hell do they create, manufacture, advertise, and sell alcohol, tobacco, and sugar laden trash to be sold everywhere, when they know this stuff does nothing but hurt people, harm societies, make them sick, become addicted, and cause both instant, and slow death. Hmmm.

The cost of healthcare is ridiculous. Eliminating the above would solve many problems, on many levels, in a society. Is the ‘cold and flu season’, really a cold and flu season? Or is it people consuming too much garbage during this 'Holiday' time (mid-October through mid-January), they run down their immune systems, and can no longer withstand the illnesses that come with a run down immune system?

Do you think the average weight gain of 5-7 lbs. yearly, during ‘the season’ is a coincidence? Much disinformation is on the internet stating the average American gains just 1 lb. during this time. Really? I’ve been in this business for quite a while, and 95% of clients coming to me ‘post-holiday season’, have gained at least 5 lbs. The only change that’s occurred the last few years are new clients coming in before ‘the season’ starts, in hopes of avoiding another 5 lb. gain, and instead, shoot to maintain.

Sugar does nothing for the body, absolutely nothing, but destroy the good (except if one has developed type II diabetes and needs the insulin ‘rush’, to survive. Yet, diabetes II is, itself, caused by overconsumption of sugar). Sure it tastes sweet, and we like sweet, but too much of anything is.. well, too much. Once upon a time, I used to have sugar laden cereals for breakfast, donuts, greasy fried breakfast wraps, etc., at lunch eat pizza, drink a shake, maybe a couple cookies afterwards, and dinner ditto the same type of fare, it wreaks havoc on the body. At the time I knew no better. Sure, I knew there were fruits and vegetables, but I never really knew of their value because I very rarely ate them. I was young, I didn't understand, I didn't really care, and did not see a reason to change, even though I was sickly most of the time. I made no connection it was because of the 'food' I ate.

Trust me, I know. I was a junk food junkie for years!!!!!! My health was horrible for years, as well. I had to begin to make a change because I had to, please, do not let this happen to you.

I challenge all 'TIGHTS' readers to accept the CHALLENGE, to not partake of the garbage this year. What is the worst thing that could happen? What did you say? You'll be healthier? Maybe lose some fat? Your complexion will be cleaner? You'll be happier? You'll become stronger when it comes to sticking to your other goals, as well? Sounds like a WIN-WIN-WIN to me, all across the board!!!

Yes, I believe it's okay to have a sweet every now and then, but it should be a rarity, not an everyday occurrence. Our taste buds are trained to crave what we feed them. You might actually have to go through a sugar ‘detox’, if you keep the ‘drip’ system going. I had to go through the ‘detox’, my system was so used to sugar. I had headaches for a couple weeks, was irritable, felt hungry all time, then one day it began to reverse, and the rest is history.

You know, back in the old days, bakeries were far and few. They were utilized for a special occasion, that one made the travel to the bakery to place a 'special' order and make their way back home to 'celebrate'. Now we have bakeries everywhere, baked 'goods' everywhere, and people are eating them all the time. Ditto candy bars, chips, ice cream, soda’s, etc. A society changes ever so subtly over time, and people don’t realize that unless they unite and stand up, speak up, and take action against the things, people, agendas, and so forth, then they are in the allowing of it.

If you want success with your training program, or to maintain your successes, and even progress, this matter needs to be taken seriously. Your body deserves it. You deserve it. Please, do not be mislead. It is indeed a Trick, there is no Treat.


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