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“Rest and Be Thankful” - William Wadsworth

It's that time of year, as is so often the case, the weather cools and illness arises. I figure now is a good time to cover the difference between feeling fatigued and illness, and the big question of...

”Should I train today?"

Generally, when we become ill, it takes a gradual course, unless it is a case of food poisoning, or something similar, in that scenario, we know within hours there's a problem.

To decide whether you should train or not, start the deciphering process:

How are you feeling? Is it a Monday morning kind of blah, or is is downright exhaustion? Are you feeling sore as a result of a training recently, or do you have body aches indicating a pending fever. Are you feeling cold because you left a window open over night, or do you have the 'chills'? Do you feel like eating, or have you lost your appetite? Is your throat just dry, or is it sore? Do your ears ring and your head hurt because you were at a concert last night, or is this a sign you're coming down with something?

All these are indicators which give you information about yourself, so you can come to the right conclusion. If things are pointing to not ill, just a lifestyle situation, work through it. If your body indicates you're coming down with a bug, listen. Not a good time to go train. As your body is telling you, you need to begin resting, hydrating, flushing out your system, and allowing all energy to go towards getting rid of harmful bacteria, viruses, and in some cases fungus, and/or parasites.

By taking a few days off now, you'll save yourself many days, weeks, or even months, of lingering fatigue and unnecessary weakness. You'll allow your body the energy, rest, sleep, and resources it needs to get the job done, efficiently, and be back to your training within a few days.

Push yourself to the gym, and not only will you pay for it for many a day to come, but

so will the people around you, whose immunity could be a little low that day, and pick up what you've got.

Enjoy the rest, read a book that's been sitting on the shelf for months, watch a movie, bask in the sun while it's still shinning, tidy up your place, etc. You can still put that time to good use. Don't feel like your dodging your training, and you'll fall apart by missing a few days... look at it as an investment in your health.

You will come back, stronger, healthier, and happier, knowing you've nurtured yourself, and got some valuable things done in the meantime. Best of all, you'll feel and look refreshed, aah, the priceless things in life are the intangible.

Have a great week!

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