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"Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." -Saint Francis of Assisi

Here we are again, at the start of a New Year! Welcome… 2017!

Some will look at this and think nothing of it, while others will contemplate their life, their actions, accomplishments, perceived failure’s, and look back on the good times of 2016, as well as, the ‘bad’ times, challenging times, relationships formed, relationships released, take a mental inventory of all things ‘self’, as in improvements, attitude, mindset, manners, demeanor, health, fitness level, to the place one calls home, the vehicle they drive, the job they attend each day, the marriage they may or may not be in, the children they may or may not have, their influence over others, others influence over them, to their ‘style’, eating habits, personal hygiene, and more. The list is endless, really.

There is a reason for reflection, it is not to set up occupancy there, but rather to be visited as one going to an interesting museum…..

Much can be learned, and gleaned from reflecting on the past year of one’s life.

As I wrote about last year at this time, I began a family tradition over two decades ago, where my family all sits together, and I hand out ‘Goal Sheets’, for the New Year. On it, we each set an immediate action that can be taken on an immediate goal, a short-term goal, and a long-term goal, for 12 areas of life.

I never set directions on how ‘it should or could be done’, unless asked. I have watched each of my children go about it in their own way, and each has their own unique fashion of getting it done.

When visitors join us for this activity, which have been several, and ‘tried’ it out, at first they inevitably sat with a blank stare looking at the sheet, next, the same sentence is uttered….. “We write something out for ALL of these?!”

Indeed, we do. Some will get their sheets filled out within the course of the evening, others will have made good headway, others leave with the paper blank and commit to filling it out when they have some time for themselves…. and believe it or not, it always gets filled out.

Some hang them on their fridges, others tape them into the cover of their journals, some stuff them into their pockets, others keep them in a binder, their daily planner, taped on their bathroom mirror, etc.

Some see their sheet each day, whether they make a daily conscious connection with it, I don’t know, others seriously never look at it again until the next New Year when we all gather together again, with the sheets we filled out…. at the end of prior year, and we each take turns talking about whatever each person wants to share.

It is always a heart warming, priceless evening, as genuine thoughts, words, tears, and laughter are shared. So much excitement when each one discovers they have hit everything on their sheet, and even more! It’s so motivating, it gets us all in a different state of mind. Then, we are ready to fill out the new sheets, for the New Year.

The room literally goes from a rambunctious level, to one of serene stillness, I kid you not, you only hear breathing, and the scratching of pen and pencils.

I hope this is one tradition each of my kids will keep and pass on throughout generations. It has always been a positive experience. My kids save these sheets, year after year. This is a helpful and motivating thing to look back on.


First and foremost: It is you who brings life to your goals by taking action, daily.

Second: You must have some type of plan, outline, and/or ‘mini’ goals to hit throughout the week.

Third: You must take your goals seriously. Very few goals come to pass haphazardly.

Fourth: You must hold yourself accountable, or hook up with someone, hence an ‘Accountability Partner’, to help one another stay the course, keep on track, provide encouragement, feedback, suggestions, check in regularly, let you know when they need your help, call you out if necessary, and so forth. I am so grateful for my accountability partners!!!

Five: Realize, when it comes down to it, you must be both your own cheerleader and disciplinarian.

Lastly, and most importantly: MIND SET!!! This is a great place to start right now, evaluating your mind set, as a MIND that’s SET in opposition to what you desire will only bring future disappointment. What? You don’t think it’s possible to have a mindset that’s in opposition to your desire’s? Oh yes, it happens all the time, and it is a losing battle indeed, as the mind set will always win, this is why it’s crucial to start examining yours, and bring it into harmony with what you desire.


Here’s a simple way of understanding the PROCESS (yes, the same process I spoke of months ago in my newsletter called, ‘The Value System’. Please, read it over, and over, until you fully understand it.)

  1. Each day a person has anywhere from 60,000 - 70,000 thoughts!!! Some of these are ‘conscious’, others are ‘non-conscious’.

  2. 90% of those thoughts are the same as the day before.

  3. The same thoughts create the same choices.

  4. The same choices always lead to the same behaviors.

  5. The same behaviors will lead to the same experiences.

  6. The same experiences will always create the same emotions.

  7. The same emotions create the same inner feelings and emotions, which drive the SAME EXACT THOUGHTS!!!




As I discussed in ‘The Value System’, it’s the filters one has created by experiences throughout life, and the emotions associated with them, that decides how a thought will be ‘directed’. Many, if not all of these filters were created out of fear, pain, or both, and are no longer relevant in one’s life, but go on day after day dictating what is ‘acceptable’ and what is not, what is valued and what is not, down to every fine detail of one’s life, and the person knows it not, unless that person takes a serious look at their mindset.


Everyone wants to reach their full potential, however, very few actually even believe it is possible. Can you see the problem right there?

The problem is to many people don’t realize the PROCESS that’s taking place between their ears, day in and day out. Few go about their time each day consciously. Many prefer routine, as they do not have to think as much, or put out as much effort. Today’s society, particularly here in the U.S., with all it’s latest gidgets and gadgets to make life as easy and comfortable as possible, makes it rather easy to fall prey to ‘settling’, rather than going the extra mile to achieve greater success, and further one’s potential.

However, there are also many others that do go after life, tackle the problems along the way, overcome perceived obstacles, and each one will tell you….

“In the beginning it wasn’t easy (having to break from old pre-conceived notions about self, life, and dreams). There were plenty of failure’s, and many times I wanted to just quit, but the more time went on, the more I experiences I had, the more people I met, it seemed opportunities just began ‘showing up’, and I took every one of them I could. Now, I enjoy the process, each and every day has meaning, and I feel my life purpose becomes more clearly defined with every passing year.”

You will also find many people who are having success in life, and filling potential, are not afraid to make changes. They do not hesitate to turn to new experiences, and are open to literally all possibilities.

What does that remind you of? “Be ye as a little child”, right?

Begin by evaluating your mindset, and do it time, and time again. In fact, this requires one to be conscious of what they are thinking. Yes, non-conscious thoughts have got to be recognized and promptly redirected, hence, transmuting lay energy into a directed, powerful source of energy that directly affects your ability to obtain your goal(s).


- Jill Nix


As I have discussed in many newsletters, one must start redirecting and creating one’s thoughts as to what they do desire, to create different choices for them self, which will lead to new behaviors, which leads to new experiences, which creates new emotions, and therefore one begins re-directing traffic in the brain to ‘spark’, a whole new set of chemical reactions in both the brain, and the body, in support of change. After all, this is what it really comes down to, is it not? Change.

Good old CHANGE…

Once you recognize (become conscious, literally), of a thought, or action, or belief, etc., that does not serve you, nor who you want to be, nor leads you to your desired outcome, simply say “change”, out loud, and state what you do want, change the behavior, the attitude, whatever needs of the changing, and do this every time you catch yourself doing or saying, or thinking something that does not support what you do want.

It’s important to say “Change!” out loud, so one makes the connection visually, verbally, and mentally. Before you know it, that behavior or what not will be changed! Just stick with it. This is one of the best ways I know of to bring your attention from non-conscious to conscious, and this is where change begins and happens.

This brings us to what many get all excited about at the beginning of a New Year…


Let’s examine the meaning of resolute:




adjective: resolute

1 admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering."she was resolute and unswerving"

2 synonyms:

3 determined, purposeful, resolved, adamant, single-minded, firm, unswerving, unwavering, steadfast, staunch, stalwart, unfaltering, unhesitating, persistent, indefatigable, tenacious, strong-willed, unshakable; More

From this we now know two facts, in regards to reaching a goal:

  1. Basically, to reach any goal requires change of some fashion or another.

  2. To reach a goal also most certainly requires a resolute mind-set.

Armed with this information you are now ready to decide upon your goal(s).

Many people, when I ask the question, “What are your goals for the New Year?” are pretty much speechless. If you find yourself in this predicament, here are a couple suggestions to get you started:

  1. Passion. Think last newsletter. Did you do your homework? What are your passions? Not your kids, not your spouse, yours? What are you passionate about? What is it that you enjoy doing so much, that you lose track of time when you’re doing it? Listen up folks, a passion is a passion, it’s either on your mind, or it’s not. One is either ‘after it’, or they’ve set it so far back on the back burner, it’s nearly extinguished. Nothing wrong with that, life happens, people marry, divorce, have kids, illness, injury, etc. Life has it’s way of leading us, but it need not do it forever, simply start getting to know yourself again.

  2. What is your greatest weakness? Set up a goal, and plan wisely, to take daily action to overcome your weakness(es). This is by far the BEST way to go when you simply cannot come up with anything else, as one thing I’ve learned throughout my years of Life Coaching, is that ‘one weakness’ that’s been going on for years, perhaps, even decades, IS THE TICKET to your recognition of one’s full potential. Why? Because, the adversary knows, this is your greatest weakness, and he also knows, that if it were overcome, nothing will keep you from overcoming anything else in your life, and this is a big, big threat to him. Hence, this is the reason why every time you make a firm commitment to never eat another brownie….. within 15 minutes your neighbor shows up with a warm plate of brownie’s, a co-worker, etc. In other words, know when you make up your mind to a firm commitment, you will be tested every single time, time after time, to find out if you really mean business. Not just for a day, a week, a month, a year, but for good! Plan on this, look forward to these challenges, and laugh as they appear one by one, over and over, and embrace the opportunity to empower yourself, and show you know who, just who is in charge!!!

Overcoming one’s greatest weakness, will put that being on the fast track to recognizing their full potential.

I could make further suggestions, however, the above two are the most critical, and beneficial, as they have drive, emotion, and intent behind them. If I get into ‘to-do’, lists, it’s not much fun, is it? Blah, blah, blah!

On another note:

I want each and everyone of you to know how grateful I am for my association with you. I truly have the best family, clients, athlete’s, students, teachers, mentors, and associates. I am very blessed to be a part of your life.

I take opportunity to look into the hearts of all I meet and care for, and am always amazed at what goodness surrounds me. There is much good in the world, there are many discoveries to be had, and many people striving to recognize, and start living up to their potential.

We can never judge another, as we have not walked in their shoes, but we can always share a kind word, a smile, etc., as we are all on this journey called life, together.

May 2017 be a most productive, prosperous, and enlightening year for you. May you learn, share, and grow. May your weakness(es) be overcome, your hearts happy, your body healthy and fit, and your minds at peace. May your imaginations soar, as all great inventions have come to be through imagination. May you take time for play, for rest, and for healing. May you recognize another who may be in need, as likewise they too, shall recognize you. May you know when to speak up, and when to listen. May you all be blessed with peace in your hearts, the type of peace that does indeed passeth all understanding. May you walk confidently in the direction of your goals, and keep your feet firmly planted on the path of your potential. With love, Jill

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