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DUST and VICES: What Do They Have In Common

What likenesses do these two words share?

You all know the vice, especially the men and women who do any kind of handy work, craftsmanship, or something similar. For the ladies who don’t think they are familiar with it, you will soon find, you are, just in a different fashion.

The vice is used to hold something within it, securely. In fact, once an object is securely tightened down by the vice, good luck trying to pull it out while in the vice’s grip.

Many people laughingly joke about their ‘vices’; smoking, drinking, television, gaming, gambling, chocaholics, food junkies, shopaholics, sodaholics, to those at the other end of the spectrum, those who over diet, over exercise, over sleep, and so on.... but the reality is, those perhaps, unseen vices are just as strong as the one pictured above. Ask anyone who has ever tried to walk away (drive away, run away...), from their vice, and they will readily admit, they were drawn right back into it, as a child running into their mother’s arms. Why?

Because, a vice is a vice, folks, and each time one ‘gives in’, to their vice they are personally cranking the vice that much tighter, making it tougher and tougher, if not impossible, to get out.

You created your vice(s), and personally cranked the vice down, perhaps, for months, years, or even decades, and now you are wondering, “Will I ever be free again?”

The good news is; just as one cranked the vice down day after day, they can simply reverse the process and begin uncranking the vice, day by day. You see, you are in FULL control of your vices, whether you like it or not, or realize it or not.

The sad truth is the majority of people go to the grave early as a direct result of their vice(s), and know it not. For instance, a cause of death might be listed as diabetes. Diabetes (II) is simply diet related, and hence, says basically, the being died of lack of proper diet, healthy eating, and/or lack of exercise. The same could be said of heart disease, and stroke, and a page or two of other ‘conditions’ and ‘diseases’, all based upon and caused by improper eating and/or lack of exercise.

Every cause of death comes down to something..... what will yours be? A vice?

I’m writing on this topic, because through the years of coaching, training, and doing consultations, my clients and athletes know I expect honesty in all things, or I cannot best serve them. Many realize after they feed me a line, they are not kidding me, they are only kidding themselves, and I will call them out on it every time.

I have great compassion for people, and am willing to work with them through thick and thin, but there must be honesty, or they no longer work with me.

Vices, folks.

Please, take time to consider if you have a vice that’s keeping you from reaching your goals, from progressing, achieving, or moving forward. As, sooner or later, it will begin to eat away at one mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and oft times, financially, not to mention the many relationships that suffered, or perhaps, were lost along the way.



Getting rid of our 'Vices', is a lot like dust and dirt that accumulates in the corners of a room. Only, it accumulates in our minds... making it harder for one to think clearly, judge rationally, see with clarity, dims the light, stagnates energy, clouds emotions, and eventually, begins to choke us out.

Like dust that settles so little at a time, it's hardly noticeable at first, then, after a few months time, you can actually see it, a few more months, you can smell it, a few more months, you can taste it.

Many times others won't notice the dust that's settled. Many times we easily place something on top of it, hiding it from bystanders and friends. Sure, we can fool them, for a very, very, long time, but ultimately, we only fool ourselves. It is but an illusion.

For some, the corners will not be cleaned until forced to do so, when they move out of their house, and even then some will do so half-heartedly. Others, will make a good effort, feel good about it and leave it at that. Yet others, will be disgusted with them self for having let such accumulations mount, knowingly, and realize the error of their ways. They will scrub that corner cleaner then it's ever been, and when they move into their new place, they have made an inner commitment to carry that commitment forward.

How about cleaning out some corners today?

Have a wonderful week!

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