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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates

Many of us know the difference between the obviously healthy and unhealthy food choices, but many do not always understand why....

Until they or someone they know/love has been diagnosed with cancer of the liver, pancreas, stomach, or diabetes, severe liver or kidney damage, etc., and you watch that individual go through the ‘process’, of ‘treatment’. This is when when one will generally stop to take inventory of their own health, lifestyle habits, stress levels, and so on. Wise to do.

It has angered me for years how an obviously overweight person, walks into their health’care’ providers office, talks about what is causing them grief, pain, discomfort, and so on, and the doc proceeds to order a couple tests, prescribe one or two prescription drugs, and perhaps, order a scan of some sort, and send them on their way, all without even a word about what their patIent is eating/ consuming, or mention exercise. This is because the doctors themselves, know very little to nothing, them self to counsel their patient. Doctors are taught drugs, not nutrition. Doctors know of exercise, but not enough to direct their patient in any case. It is a sad state of affairs, as this patient, to doctor, to diagnoses, to drug, to treatment.... is a vicious cycle costing many their life savings, and many others, life itself.

I have been blessed to help many overweight (outright obese), people regain their health and their life, by simply addressing their diet and exercise habits, and educating them on the basics. Go figure.

When I asked these obese individuals if they would like to talk about food choices and exercise, these people jumped on it! They were ready, willing, and thrilled with the opportunity to take some sort of charge in matters of their own health, for a change. Never judge, folks. Many people want change, desire change, and are either too embarrassed to ask for help, don’t know where to turn for help, or feel it’s all together, hopeless.

How many are ‘out there’, suffering at the hands of health ’care’ practitioners? Now, please, do not get me wrong, there are times and places for both doctors and drugs, but by far, the vast majority of what ills the populace is attributable to consumption/eating, drinking, and lifestyle habits.

I’m sure no one wants to hear they are responsible for the health, but the truth is, YOU ARE!!!! Day in and day out. Meal in and meal out. Glass in and glass out. You are building or destroying your brain and body each and every time you consume something. So, all these commercials on television pushing processed, sugary cereals, bars, and drinks are outright, plain bullshit!

The stores are filled with dis-ease. I say label this sh__! for what it is....

- Ben and Jerry’s: Heart attack, stroke, and diabetes all yours, packed beautifully into one unbelievably small container!

- Velvetta: Clog your arteries in minutes! Shortness of breathe to follow! - Stuffed Crust Triple Cheese Pizza: So someone can stuff you in a box, a few

short years down the road.... - Alcohol: Destruction of the liver and diabetes, all in one!

- Pastries: Artery clogging goodness, plague build-up galore! - Frosted Flakes: It will have your heart racing in no time, and shoot blood

sugar through the roof, guaranteed migraine, and a good mid-morning crash to boot!

Right? WRONG!!!! Shame on the so-called ‘food’ industry!

With the health ‘care’ system killing a minimum of 225,000 people a year with improper diagnoses, wrong prescription drug administered, prescription drugs, etc., would it not be wise to do what you can, to be as healthy, strong, vibrant, and mentally engaged in day to day life, as possible? As without these qualities, what is life?

Ask anyone who’s parent or grandparent has developed Alzheimer’s. What type of life is it when one no longer recognizes their own family members? Can they drive? Are they self-sufficient? You get the point.

Everyone thinks ‘tomorrow’, on my ‘40th birthday’, and so on. Folks, realize, many diseases come on in a matter of a few years, to some that show up 15-20 or more years later, based on what that person consumed.

Don’t fool yourself, or play Russian Roulette. Educate yourself and take action!

I find in the world of athlete’s it’s a bit different scenario, yet twisted all the same. The athlete’s will eat spot on, train spot on, and all the while be ingesting powders, liquids, and other products ‘guaranteed’, to do this, that, and the other thing. Sadly, many do not realize the price that comes with taking these types of supplements without doing any research on them, their effects both short, and long-term, and many are not the least bit concerned because ‘everybody else is doing it’, and they ‘appear’ just fine.

Sports supplements add all kinds of fillers and questionable ingredients to their products. Why? Because most of the time, they can get away with it. Many of the powders are hard on the kidneys, liver, even the heart, but for most people, those effects won’t show up for years, maybe a decade or more, and chances are they won’t be using that product anymore, and would never put two and two together.

Another mistake I witness athlete’s do is jump from brand to brand, ‘stacking’, various products with little to no research.

I’ll never forget being at a NPC comp, watching from the audience when a man who was standing up clapping along with the rest of the audience, suddenly went down. He was declared dead not long after. Cause? He mixed a couple supplements together that should not have been mixed.

At a comp I did in Idaho, I was prepping backstage when one of my competitors went down. Cause? Heart attack.... she was in her 30’s. What do you think could have caused it at that young of an age?

Supplementing? Perhaps.

I have had athlete’s come in and tell me they are taking 2-3 scoops of such and such a day.... I tell them, “That is a heart attack in the making, I suggest you change it immediately.” They go on to tell me of the splitting headaches, shakiness, lack of focus, and poor sleep, but hey, “My size and shape are awesome, and I get so pumped!” Not worth it folks.

Bottom Line:

Athlete’s: Know what the hell you are putting into your body. Upon my own investigation, I have come across several brands that are outright toxic, and even contain ‘banned’, substances, all while investigating products athlete’s brought in for evaluation. Generally, these companies will settle out of court, and quietly change their formula(s). Be careful. Water is key in flushing out the system, and few men drink enough water to actually do of the flushing. Women, as well.

Also, when it’s off season, please, you are no different, you must still consume health. A ‘cheat’ meal on occasion is one thing. Eating restaurant fare or fast food, or processed food every time you are out of town, celebrating a birthday, etc., is another, as it all adds up.... in the liver, kidneys, arteries, cells, and so forth, do not be deceived.

I’d like to go into specific items sold as, and disguised as, ‘food’, and such that compromise health, and lead to disease; not kind of, sort of, in a way, but outright directly lead to, and cause disease(s). I highly recommend you avoid, limit, or remove them from your ‘diet’, if you are consuming them. Again, all of these items have one name here (additives, etc.), and another name in the doctors office (cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart attack, stroke, arthritis, migraine’s, etc.), see it for what it is.



An advanced glycation end product (AGE), is a toxin that appears when foods are heated, grilled, fried, or pasteurized. AGEs damage certain proteins in the body, and cause inflammation. Depending on where the AGEs occur, they may result in arthritis or other forms of inflammation. In other words, the inflammation could end up in your joints, the lining of your digestive system, or even your brain.


High amounts of sugar in the diet result in an increase in AGEs. White sugar and sweets, including soft drinks, sweetened juices, energy drinks, alcohol, etc. Research shows sugar as one of the most addictive substances one can use. It’s also highly inflammatory. Cut out candy, soda, snack bars, candy, coffee drinks, processed juices, energy drinks, and so on.

DAIRY PRODUCTS This protein may irritate the tissue around the joints, arthritis. One must look into the practices of the CAFO outfits to understand what they are actually consuming compared to what they think they are consuming. If you know a local farmer, then have at it, in moderation. Most yogurts are loaded with sugar. Most dairy is pasteurized, mucus forming, and a little goes a long way. Dairy has been found to cause allergies in most people, and inflammation. Dairy products are also packed with hormones, antibiotics, and other harmful ‘ingredients’.


Tobacco and alcohol use can lead to a number of health problems. Not to mention, my audience is mainly athlete’s and honestly, these things you can live without. Alcohol is turned to sugar in the liver, and hard on the liver.


Hot dogs, bologna, sausage, jerky, are highly suspect to contain all kinds of foul additives, preservatives and ingredients that if known, would make you puke upon reading, and never desire to eat the aforementioned again. They are high in saturated fat, AGE’s, and have no place in the diet.


These fats increase body fat, inflammation, and can be attributed to heart attacks, stroke, varicose veins, etc. Pizza loaded with cheese, red meat, ice cream, cheesecake, crackers, cookies, literally all processed ‘food’, contain large amounts of these unhealthy fats.


Trans fat is a fat the body cannot assimilate, therefore it causes inflammation and these foreign substances can trigger and cause a host of symptoms unpleasant to it’s host. These products are all things packaged, and processed, as well as your typical fast food fare. Margarine, shortening, lard, etc.


We know omega 3 is good for us, and omega 6 is too, however, we need much less omega 6 than 3. The problem here lies in people not realizing they are more than likely consuming more omega 6 than omega 3. So, please, don’t overdo the sunflower, safflower, corn, grape seed, soy, or peanut oil, mayonnaise either for that matter. Careful of salad dressings for this very reason.


Mon-sodium glutamate is a food additive found a lot in Asian food, and soy sauce, but it can be found lingering elsewhere, such as a can, box, or bottle such as soups, dressings, deli meats, and many times fast food joints. It’s not only shoots blood sugar up as though one had eaten a candy bar, but it’s also hard on the liver, and you guessed it.... causes inflammation.


Many people are finding they are becoming gluten intolerant. Where there is an allergy, there will always be inflammation, and in the case of gluten sensitivities, it will also destroy the gut flora leading the further dismay.


Folks, aspartame, Nutra-sweet, Splenda, etc., all have been found to destroy gut bacteria. These items are chemicals, there is nothing natural to the body about them. What do you think the body does with them? They are considered neurotoxins, meaning they negatively affect the brain, which means anything from headaches, to loss of memory, concentration, to what one of my kids did years ago as she was on a professional dance team and went out of state. She consumed things she normally didn’t eat, and drank things she normally didn’t drink, and chewed on gum in between meals when she was hungry, which shenormally didn’t do. She collapsed. Cause? Aspartame, it was in the drinks she had and the gum she chewed. We did not know she was sensitive to aspartame until it happened. Aspartame is known to cause seizures.


French fries, potato chips, onion rings, chicken, and so forth, stay away like the plague. I’ll never forget the day I walked by a popular restaurant and had to run to my car as I was literally going to vomit at the smell of fried ‘food’, they were ‘cooking’. Legit restaurants will change their oil daily to keep it ‘fresh’. Keep in mind, once the oil is heated to a high temperature (within minutes), it is no longer fresh, but becomes carcinogenic, as heating makes it rancid! However, most restaurants will leave the same oil in the vat for days to a week or more!!!! Disgusting folks. I believe this to be a major cause of cancers. Skip the fries and all the other _______!


Refined flours are a fancy name for “We just stripped away any nutrients and left you with a highly glycemic flour to cause diabetes, and other dis-eases”. Crackers, pretzels, cookies, pastries, pizza, you name it, and you will probably find the old ‘refined’, flour.

GRAIN FED PRODUCTS (If you can help it) Cows, chickens, and pigs are all fed feed that contains hormones and antibiotics, not to mention pesticides, and herbicides. Do you really want to be ingesting these hormones and antibiotics, too? What are the long term effects of such practices on the human body? How did the people of old ever live without their cattle being drugged, chemicalized, and given hormones.... Where is the product you are consuming coming from? And how is it treated?


The heading says it all: Fake, artificial, and added to ‘food’ that is fake, artificial, whether boxed, bottled, or served to appear like a delicacy. Hah! Cancer, cancer, and more cancer written all over it. Toxicity at its finest, and folks willingly and happily, pay for it by the millions of dollars, day in and day out. Why? Because the manufacturer’s make sure some of those ‘additives’, ‘preservatives’, and anything BUT ‘natural’ flavoring(s), will keep you coming back for more because they are addictive ingredients carefully formulated in labs to make the consumer crave more, and more, and more. Not to mention these ingredients also wreak havoc with children, as far as being able to sit still, concentrate and so forth, so little Johnny then needs to be ‘put’ on a drug for ADD or ADHD.


Fast food is fast food, and it all comes at a price that many do not realize for many, many years. It’s not terrible to stop once in a blue moon, but when it is a daily occurrence, it is guaranteed to bring unhealthy results such as high cholesterol, clogged arteries, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and a slew of other health issues, all leading to a designated, ‘dis-ease’.

Now that you have a good idea of what not to consume, and you understand unnecessary inflammation (especially chronic inflammation), wreaks on health, let’s outline everything in a simple way for you:


  1. Carbohydrates (exception is vegetables)

  2. Fats (exception are healthy fats: coconut oil, hemp oil, olive oil, etc.)

  3. Cholesterol (As in HIGH cholesterol)

And what you can do about it to reverse, and prevent disease from being a part of your life now, and in the future:


  1. Magnesium

  2. Beta-Carotene

  3. Vitamin A

  4. B-6

  5. Vitamin C

  6. Vitamin D

  7. Vitamin E

  8. Flavonoids

  9. Ginger

  10. Tumeric

  11. Green Tea


  1. Chia seeds

  2. Salmon

  3. Tumeric

  4. Ginger

  5. Garlic

  6. Broccoli:

  7. Dark leafy greens: Kale, spinach, collard greens broccoli

  8. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  9. Grapes

  10. Ground Flaxseed

  11. Papaya

  12. Apple peel

  13. Blueberries (Organic only)

  14. Green Tea

  15. Sweet potatoes

  16. Cinnamon

  17. Nuts: Almonds, cashews, walnuts

  18. Avocados

  19. Health!

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