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I trust you are all having a wonderful weekend and reflecting on the role of Mother in your life, both past and present. Many times one does not fully comprehend the value of Mother for many, many years, and for a few it's not until well after they have passed.

I was a person who lost value for my Mother for a number of years, as I truly believed she was a toxic person, out to get me..... perhaps she was, but in any case, she still had what was best for me in mind, even if it meant knocking me out, throwing my belongings on the driveway, and speaking (screaming), awful things at me.....

She was simply just trying to find a way to get through to me when it seemed all else failed. Looking back that period of my life, I am amazed she stood through it all, and continued to even try. The nights she endured sitting at my bedside making she I would breathe through the night, wondering what would ever become of me, and once she even watched as I literally died before her eyes. Nothing any Mother would want to endure, but endure she did. She is amazing.

Yes, my friends, I am here on borrowed time in many, many ways. I do not take one moment of any day or night for granted, as I have truly learned that life is short. It is challenging, it is joyful and exhilarating, it has it's periods of growth and rest.

My mother is on this mailing list. Perhaps, she will open this e-mail, perhaps not. In either case, I want her to know that I have only grown more fond of her with each and every day. I love her immensely, and hope each day she realizes all of her efforts were not for naught, but that her efforts have allowed me to keep pressing on and fulfill that which I came her to do. Thank you, Mother. I love you!

To my stepmom, who also reads my newsletters, Happy Mothers Day! You have always been a valued friend to me. Thank you. I love you!

If you are a Mother reading this, you too, realize the heartaches, the joys, the fatigue, worry, and feel things only a Mother can truly feel for her children. Bless you.

For those who are desiring to be a Mother, and are not as of yet, embrace this time of your life. Seek wisdom and understanding in all things. Know that you are not overlooked, punished, or in any way inferior. You are all that you are meant to be, no more, no less. The influence and love you bless those around you with is priceless!

For the men reading this letter and trying to stay awake, now is your turn, lol. The greatest gift you could ever give to both your wife and Mother, is to truly seek understanding, before desiring to be understood. As this is where a great amount of confusion lies in all relationships. Like Father, Mother does many things that many times go unnoticed, and unthanked. Perhaps, every now and then, make the effort to find the 'unseen' and thank her for it.

Please, take a moment and read the delightful piece included in this newsletter, my BFF sent me years ago. I treasure my friendship with her, and wish her a Happy Mothers Day, as well. I love you!

Happy Mothers Day to my sisters and sister-in-laws, you are each a key piece in my life, and to my extra special daughters... I love you!

Mothers should have service contracts! by Patricia Aune

Mothers ought to come with a maintenance agreement; for a complete overhaul every five years, three kids, or 300,000 miles; whichever comes first.

It makes sense. A properly maintained mother is bound to be a better mother, providing more years of non-stop service. If the Department of Labor or the Department of Consumer Affairs decide to prepare a bulletin of how to keep a mother running smoothly and operating at top efficiency, there are several points they ought to consider:

FUEL - Most mothers will run indefinitely on hot cocoa and pizza-burgers, but an occasional additive of gourmet meals for two in elegant surroundings will add efficiency.

MOTOR - A mother's motor is probably the most dependable anywhere. A mother can start and reach top speed from a prone position at a single cry from a child. To keep that motor operating at peak efficiency, regular breaks are recommended, leisurely bath and nap ever 1,000 miles, a baby-sitter ever 10,000 miles and a two-week live-in sitter ever 100,000 miles.

BATTERY - Batteries should be recharged regularly.....roses and candy are often sufficient.

CARBURETOR - When a mother's carburetor occasionally floods, it should be treated immediately with kleenex and a soft shoulder.

SPARK PLUGS - When sparks begin to fly, avoid driving for a while.

SPEED - Do not drive at prolonged high speeds or breakdowns are likely, usually in the form of flooding carburetors or malfunctioning spark plugs.

CHASSIS - A mother operates best when properly maintained. Her wardrobe should be changed every fall and spring. Regular exercise should be encouraged. Tune ups, a change of hairdo and make-up, should be part of the regular maintenance.

LUBRICATION - Mothers need regular lube jobs. Compliments are the cheapest and most satisfactory type of lubrication. Lubricate regularly and spark plugs are not likely to malfunction.

Just by following these simple instructions, the average mother should last a lifetime, providing efficient service.

Have a wonderful week. Make plans. Be flexible. Be aware of your environment. Understand, we truly can change the world by simply ‘being the change we want to see in the world’, within our own circles. Where and who is that circle? It is wherever you are standing.... if you are at home then you begin within your home, if you’re at work, then you manifest the change within yourself you desire to see there at work. Grocery shopping? Library? School? Going for a walk? At the gym? Can you begin to see how easily the world can change just with 24 hours, let alone if we each practiced this? Ideally, every day all day would be amazing!!! But what if I suggest just 50%? What if one practiced this consciously for just half their day? I imagine the benefits would encourage too continue to practice it the other half because it comes with buit-in rewards of the things that are priceless in life.

Something to think about.

Please, contact Jill at or stop by the site at to learn

about all the wonderful services TIGHT BODY offers. Gift certificates are available. Happy Day!

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