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Transformation(s) are Motivating!!!


“The key to obtaining big success, lies in the minute to minute daily decisions and choices one makes. Each decision either leads you to your desired outcome, or takes you farther away.”

- Jill Nix

Glenn Lovelace: Recent Winner of's Transformation Contest $100,000

I have known Glenn for a few years now. I put Glen and a friend of his through an hour training that become known as ‘El Diablo 2’. They both agreed on the name, and called it, “The Workout from Hell”. ‘El Diablo 1’ was already taken by a group I trained a year earlier. I am now on ‘El Diablo 5’, all genuinely named by the men and women courageous enough to give it a go.

I like to use the ‘Diablo’ training as a screener, or an audition if you will, to Warrior Training. Depending on how one rolls through the Diablo and comes out at the other end, largely determines if they go on to the next phase of testing to get into Warrior.

Few there be that make it to Warrior. Many men believe they have what it takes, only to find they are falling short left and right. It’s humbling, and a reality check, to say the least.

I’ve worked with Glenn previously, and although he was making great progress, he just could not keep on on the meal prep, and training…. heck, even taking the time to eat his meals. He was working for a fire station, HVAC company, and UPS (and started his programs in November to boot, think UPS, 16 hour days). Needless to say, he was biting off more than he could chew, but he wanted to give it a go anyway. He gave up after a couple months thinking he would do it again another time…..

A few years have passed, and he still works like crazy, although, now he is keeping busy doing more things he enjoys, thanks to winning the contest!


Age: 34 Height: 5’10” Weight: 226.0 Body Fat: 20%


Age: 35 Height: 5”10” Weight: 187.0 Body Fat: 5.5%

Glenn is living proof that when the time comes for change, change it will be, and nothing will stop you. Glenn’s had many surgeries, lived in an environment where big meals were the norm, had insomnia, and the list goes on, but he conquered it all anyway.He will readily tell you how poor eating habits lead to years what he describes as:

  • raccoon eyes

  • poor health

  • inflammation

  • double and triple chins

  • large gut

  • chronic fatigue

  • low self-esteem

He will also tell you first hand how all these things affected his attitude towards himself, his relationship with his wife, the way he interacted with his kids, and on the job.

What prompted Glenn’s decision to make changes?

Glenn has participated in several of's contests. The contests gave him some incentive. Just prior to this contest, Glenn won a $500 contest. He received a letter from Ryan Weaver of after winning that contest which Glenn read in regards to the ‘Big One’ (contest), coming up. Glenn had a feeling come over him that he could indeed be, ‘The One’. He hung that note on his mirror and read it every day. He knew he would have to really up his game and not just ‘lose weight’.

He made it a goal to face all the demons in his closet and deal with them one by one, as he went through the challenge of the contest. He felt the prize, $100,000, would be well worth his efforts, and he was right!!!

Did he meet challenges along the way? Of course, but he listened to motivational speakers on youtube and his mindset began changing. Each week he grew stronger mentally and emotionally, and couldn’t help but to see the differences physically.

This goes to show you, once again, that for many, the pain of experiencing one’s current ‘reality’, must become so uncomfortable that that individual will then open up to new, challenging, uncomfortable ideas, activities, goals, etc., and to do so requires change.

This isn’t the temporary change that so many experience and then fall back to old ways.

This is the change that requires one to face their demons, grow comfortable with the uncomfortable, become familiar with uncertainty, and a willingness to risk changing anything and everything they once believed about themselves, and life, as they formerly ‘saw’ and knew it.


The permanence only comes through the willingness to change of the self, down to the very core, on each and every level of one’s being: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We also learn from Glenn:

  • the importance of how one ‘speaks’ to them self

  • the influence of words on an individual (be it positive or negative)

  • how motivational speakers on youtube can prick your inner self to desire change

  • how each and every one of us is capable of permanent change

  • finding the thing that motivates one most to change

  • and perhaps, the most important, that mindsets can be changed, leading to a better life… teaching the individual that the previous mindset they held for decades was indeed, skewed. Hence, the importance of checking your mindset and testing it, regularly.

Thank you, Glenn, for sharing your journey with us. I hope this will go on to inspire many people to change, regardless of the area of life they are desiring change.

Locals: If and when you see Glenn around the gym, be sure to stop and introduce yourself, and congratulate him on all his hard work. Hard work pays off.

Have a wonderful week!

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