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ELIMINATION: Ticket to Good Health!

You may be wondering what could possibly be so dynamic in the process of healing wounds, repairing injuries, preventing disease, and give you vitality. The answer could be shocking, as it’s so simple, so available to everyone, yet many give no thought or heed to nature’s call when she sends her many warnings. Warnings of infection, or slow healing, when it comes to wounds. Warnings of continual pain, swelling, and slow healing when it comes to injuries. Warnings of headaches, body aches, fatigue, mental fogginess, irritability, insomnia, bumps, high blood pressure, and the like when it comes to disease. Finally, nature sends her warnings when you feel run-down, and literally out of energy.


Our bodies are equipped to handle great loads, high stress, and the uncertain. However, we must give our bodies what it needs, consistently, in the proper ratios to be able to get the job done, and done right. If we forget to eat, our body lets us know. If we’ve stubbed our toe, it lets us know. If we’re fighting an infection, the body will surely send out signs indicating things are going amiss. We have no excuses. We just need to pay more attention to what our bodies are telling us, listen, and take action.


The reason I’m blogging on this subject is because I desire my readers to be aware of the warning signs. My goal is to help you understand the simple preventative maintenance you can perform to stay disease free, and keep your vitality high. In the case of wounds, and injuries, what has happened, has happened, the damage has been done, yet there are things you can do to greatly speed the healing process, and come away much stronger than before your injury.


The key is called elimination. That’s right, elimination. Your body takes in an abundance of foods, drinks, perhaps medications, inhalers, second hand smoke, other air pollutants, etc., and you are expected to see these toxins are eliminated from the body. The liver can only do so much. I’ve plenty of clients with backed up livers, wreaking havoc on their systems, until they were able to consciously assist their body in the process of elimination.


The process of elimination, is the process in which your body utilizes various organs to eliminate foul, hazardous, toxic, and/or otherwise poisonous waste from the body. The organs do a very good job at this, however, the organs need to be paid attention to. Warning signs need to be taken note of, and action needs to be taken to assist these organs in their jobs, so as to not overburden any one system of elimination, causing a toxic condition which not only leads to disease if ignored, but also drains the entire meridian on which the organ lays, as well as, surrounding meridians, depending on the length of time toxins have been stagnant, and their concentration levels.



Your bowels should be in the habit of eliminating regularly. Some of my clients are shocked to hear their output should be equal to input, meaning, if you eat three good size meals a day, you should be having three good size bowel movements a day, and so forth. If you’re like the typical person I see on a regular basis, you’re not outputting at the rate you are inputting, to keep your system revved. It’s not unusual for clients to report to me they have perhaps one movement a day, others one movement per week. This condition needs to change. First thing I would recommend is drinking plenty of good, pure water. A general rule of thumb, divide your weight by two, then divide this

number by thirty-two, and it will tell you the minimal amount of water in quarts you need to be drinking each day. If you’re working outdoors, physical labor, or exercising, plan on plenty more. Next, look at your meal plan. ‘Dead’ foods are mucous forming. They collect and sit in the bowels, forming a sort of hard plastic coating on your intestines. It’s not unusual for a person to be carrying around 5-10 lbs. of old hard compacted fecal matter by the age of thirty-five. No, this does not sound appealing, but it is reality. Live foods are fresh foods, they act as scrubbers, purifiers, and pack in nutrition and fiber to help keep you regular, eat PLENTY of these ‘live’ foods.


Our kidneys work hard each day to discard toxins from our urine. These are toxins that could be coming from the food you eat, the things you drink, products you use on your skin and hair, medications, or metabolic waste. Our kidneys regulate water balance by eliminating excess water and salt, and they work real hard to keep us from getting dehydrated. The kidneys are crucial to the formation of new blood, and help our bodies assimilate Vitamin D. To perform these mighty tasks, we must give the kidneys what it needs to do the job, and do it efficiently. This requires plenty of water, pure, clean water. Many people do not drink enough water. If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Drink, drink, drink, and while you’re at it add the juice of a whole lemon to your water first thing in the morning, this will work wonders. Keep your system flushed, at all times, this allows toxins a way out.


Our lungs are working 24/7 as well. What you may not realize is how hard your lungs work all day and night to eliminate toxins, especially in the lower passages. When I ask my clients if they are deep breathing, the answers is always “no”, but then they’ll tell me how they work their cardio so hard they are sure they’re getting to those lower passages. I will then demonstrate for them some deep breathing, with a look of shock on their face they adit their cardio “Isn’t doing anything like that!” Deep breathe my friends. Breathe so deep it hurts, your lungs will howl and let you know you’re on the right track. I recommend beginning with 3-5 breathes in the morning for a week, then add 3-5 at night for a week, then 10 in the morning for a week, and add another 10 a week later at night. They are surprised at how sore their chest gets when beginning. This is normal. You must breathe deep to clear out the sludge in those lower passages, especially if you’re prone to respiratory infections.


Your skin is considered to be the largest organ of the body. It breathes, and allows for things to both escape the skin as well as get absorbed by the skin. Knowing this, we must take care of our skin. How do we do this? More than you might realize. To allow the skin to detoxify, it’s needs our attention.

Skin that’s properly taken care of is:

1. Protected from the elements: sun, wind rain, cold, etc., as much as possible.

2. Dry brushed before bathing/showering, to exfoliate the skin (basically removing the dead skin cells, allowing the skin to breathe easier.)

3. Cleansed with products that are skin friendly, and not full of chemicals.

4. Washed in body temp water, hot should be the occasional for muscle tension release.

5. Dried thoroughly, patted.

6. Products applied to skin should also be skin friendly.

Sounds easy enough, however, most of us don’t take time to exfoliate as often as we should, and tend to apply lotions, and creams that not only clog the pores, but contain harmful ingredients, as well.


The harder your organs need to work to clear out the sludge, the less energy it has to offer you, your injuries, wounds, and so forth.

These four areas of elimination can be your ticket to great health, vitality, and speed your healing/recovery time. It truly works. I’ve seen it time and time again. Keep in mind, the older you are, the longer you’ve neglected these areas, the longer to getting them functioning at their best again. Be patient. The way I look at it is like this: You’ve got to eat, so eat clean. You’ve got to drink, so drink plenty of good, pure water. You’ve got to breathe, so make it a point to breathe deep each day for a few breathes. You’ve got to clean yourself, so do it mindfully. This is cheap medicine folks. Imagine if you paid heed to all four areas, consistently.

Pay attention to the messages your body sends you. Don’t ignore them. When the warnings signs are ignored, these toxins are driven deeper into your system, to areas of weakness. If lifestyle, eating habits, or environment do not change, eventually neoplasms begin to arise as a desperate act to get your attention. Neoplasms are the polps, cysts, and tumors that begin popping up in unusual places. Avoid it.

Take care of elimination, and your body will take care of you.


Need some direction with elimination? Contact Jill today and ;earn about the many options available to you in aiding your body in detoxification:

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